Character profile – Kilanna Monday, Apr 30 2007 

My mum visited me last weekend from interstate, so I didn’t get much EQ time in.  With a lack of a story to tell, I thought I would do something which i freely admit to be a little bit geeky but very cool – a profile of Kilanna

Born around 12  months ago, she is based on my first pen and paper D&D toon.  The everquest Templar is the best approximation for the D&D fighter cleric.  On the day she was rolled, she joined the loyal guild Divine Chaos (Guk server).  When considering her tradeskill it was an easy choice.  As with any girl she enjoys her bling – so jeweler it was:)  As a Templar, the choice to worship the god Tunare was a very easy one.

With a great love of questing, she moved steadily through Antonica, Thundering Steppes, and Enchanted lands.  As a Templar with fairly reduce opportunities for grouping she has moved much more slowly through Zek, Feerrott, and SS.  Currently she is enjoying adventuring in MajDul, SS and PoF.

Several months ago, she heard about Kelethin and visited the beautiful city among the trees.  She was so enchanted with what she saw that she had to move there. 

Just recently, with a thirst to explore some of the more challenging adventuring instances with her fellow explorers, she has joined the brave band of adventurers in the guild of Pax Fatalis.  A guild of very welcoming folks who adventure in my own time zone, I look forward to some fun times ahead..

Ok so now is the bit where i hope to ask for some helpful and personal advice from those folks who have played a Templar before.  The character rocks, but the player freely admitts she is not one of those types who is good at working out how to get the best out of her toon by herself.

I have read as many opinions as I can find, including the official forum to try and maximise her abilities and enjoy playing her without too much frustration.  Plenty of people (including myself at times) bemoan the lack of DPS of the templar class and how much we suck solo.  But hey we are kick ass healers – so damage and DPS is just not our thing:) 

On the other hand, I have seen quite a few opinions that we are a great class for solo adventuring.   I have seen it said that I should be able to take on con green heroic^^^, but right now they eat me for breakfast and spit me back out.  This has meant that she just has not adventured in many zones at all.

Right now she wears a full set of mastercrafted vanguard plate,  a full set of (not mastercrafted) jewelery to improve (Wis Int Agi), offensive spells at master, healing spells at Adept I or III, and a choice of weapons (one handed hammer, 2 handed hammer or wand not mastercrafted) to see if there was any differences.  Given that physical damage is not much of the damage that a Templar would do, I understand that the focus on improving Int to increase spell damage is more important than your melee weapon.

Generally she will hit with stun, cast her “mark of” spells to debuff, use her master smite ability if it is an applicable class of mob, and then use heroic opportunities with her 2 smite spells.  She will then add on her symbol of corruption and 2 other dps spells for damage.  In between she will use her heal over time and involuntary curate spell to help keep her alive, reserving her wards and instant heals for real emergencies.

For her aa points, she has first completed the Wis tree that came with KoS and is now working the smite tree that rolled with EoF.

So, are there any other suggestions that experienced Templars would make? Or is it just a simple fact that Templar just have to be conservative regarding which combats they choose?


I got tagged. Saturday, Apr 28 2007 

Well it is now official – Every blog that I have been reading has now been tagged to comment on 5 reasons why they blog.  And today Wil from The Ancient Gaming Noob tagged me.

I started Dwarven Runes only 3 days ago – and here is why.

1. It is a cool way for folks to express their own $0.02 worth, and to discuss different views and perspectives on various issues of personal interest

2.  Having to take the time to express an opinion in the written word has personally made me take more time to consider my view, and also to take more care in how I express it

3. Seems like a good idea – every one else is doing it 🙂

4. I can write about whatever it is that I find of interest on any given day.  Other people may or may not find the same thing of interest – but it doesn’t matter cos it is my blog

5. I wanted to try and do something a little bit creative and still related to my passion of EQII.  I have read some of Stargraces’ entries where she writes up her gaming night as a Roleplaying chapter, and thought that was way cool.

I know that  I am supposed to now tag some other bloggers, but really and truly everyone I read has already been tagged at least once.

More than just a game? Wednesday, Apr 25 2007 

With Kilanna now happily welcomed into her “new” guild, I wanted to reflect a little on yesterdays events and what they say about me.

Kilanna was invited to join her first guild by a real world friend on the day she was rolled, so it is very much part of my EQII experiences.  I have very much enjoyed every part of the time and energy I have devoted to Kilanna and the guild, and hope to continue to support them either with the occasional group on weekends or perhaps her tradeskills.  In addition, I have several alt toons that will remain in the guild and that I am very much enjoying playing.  I am sure that they will continue to contribute to the guild even as alternate characters.

Before leaving the “old” guild I spoke with the guild leader to let her know the reasons for moving my toon.  Over the 12 months that I have been part of her guild I have developed a relationship with her that I believe to be a type of friendship.  As such, I was highly concerned about hurting her feelings.  I have seen other people treat her in such a way that it has hurt her feelings over the last 6 months and did not want to do the same. 

She and I formed a group so we could talk, and as I proceeded to openly and honestly explain the situation I was struck by the depth of my emotion.  I know that we invest a lot of time into levelling our characters in MMO’s but it would appear that I have also invested at least some emotional energy into EQ II as well.  My emotion was not about my character but rather about the relationships I have developed online. 

To balance this I would like to point out that I have healthy relationships with my family and friends in the real world, hold down a decent job, have a comfortable home, and have no problem in turning off my computer for real world committments. 

So my question is this – do I need to get a life or is this emotional investment to varying degrees part of the MMO ethos of community?    

A new beginning. Tuesday, Apr 24 2007 

I thought that today would be a good time to start recording my journeys in EQII.

Kilanna dinged 58 Templar earlier in the week, and has been having a well deserved break.

I have made an agonising decision that it is time for Kilanna to change guilds. So today I will speak to my current guild leader, and someone who I think of as a friend even though we have never met face to face. I hope to explain to her the reasons why I am moving are not a reflection on any one or any thing in particular, or that anything is wrong.

Even up until quite recently, I didn’t think i would EVER want to leave our little guild. I love the fact that as a small guild it is quite intimate and personal. There are no prima donna’s or guild dramas that I am aware of. But as an Australian I am mostly online during the US off peak times – this means that Kil has gotten a bit lonely lately. And at level 58 she is thirsty to explore the bucket load of thus far unseen game content.

So – I have identified a new guild which I hope to join with Kilanna.  As a primarily Australian guild, there are going to be folks online at the same time as I am on.  I also believe that the guild will suit my play style and gaming philosophy.

So – it is a brave new day for both myself and Kilanna.