I thought that today would be a good time to start recording my journeys in EQII.

Kilanna dinged 58 Templar earlier in the week, and has been having a well deserved break.

I have made an agonising decision that it is time for Kilanna to change guilds. So today I will speak to my current guild leader, and someone who I think of as a friend even though we have never met face to face. I hope to explain to her the reasons why I am moving are not a reflection on any one or any thing in particular, or that anything is wrong.

Even up until quite recently, I didn’t think i would EVER want to leave our little guild. I love the fact that as a small guild it is quite intimate and personal. There are no prima donna’s or guild dramas that I am aware of. But as an Australian I am mostly online during the US off peak times – this means that Kil has gotten a bit lonely lately. And at level 58 she is thirsty to explore the bucket load of thus far unseen game content.

So – I have identified a new guild which I hope to join with Kilanna.  As a primarily Australian guild, there are going to be folks online at the same time as I am on.  I also believe that the guild will suit my play style and gaming philosophy.

So – it is a brave new day for both myself and Kilanna.