Well it is now official – Every blog that I have been reading has now been tagged to comment on 5 reasons why they blog.  And today Wil from The Ancient Gaming Noob tagged me.

I started Dwarven Runes only 3 days ago – and here is why.

1. It is a cool way for folks to express their own $0.02 worth, and to discuss different views and perspectives on various issues of personal interest

2.  Having to take the time to express an opinion in the written word has personally made me take more time to consider my view, and also to take more care in how I express it

3. Seems like a good idea – every one else is doing it 🙂

4. I can write about whatever it is that I find of interest on any given day.  Other people may or may not find the same thing of interest – but it doesn’t matter cos it is my blog

5. I wanted to try and do something a little bit creative and still related to my passion of EQII.  I have read some of Stargraces’ entries where she writes up her gaming night as a Roleplaying chapter, and thought that was way cool.

I know that  I am supposed to now tag some other bloggers, but really and truly everyone I read has already been tagged at least once.