So much crunchy goodness Thursday, May 31 2007 

Well it feels to me like EQ II community is all abuzz at the moment.   Not only do we have free content  in the last live update, but information abounds regarding the next retail expansion.  All I can say is wooohooo.  Bring it on!!!

One of my real life friends has just joined the game in the last couple of weeks – and to him the amount of content must just be daunting.   Even I am getting dizzy thinking about the new content to be explored over the next few months.  It feels like I have barely explored a fraction of the content that is currently available.  I have been to only a handful of instances, and have barely explored the adventure packs.   It really feels like SOE are hitting all the right buttons at the moment doesn’t it?

Last night I had another noob moment *blush* I was talking to Stargrace while I was winding down after the labs raid.  Before the raid, the guild had grouped up and hit a couple of contested epics in the Bonemire.  Well this was something I had never even heard of until last night.  When I mentioned this to Stargrace,  she giggled and explained to me that for raid guilds these guys are uber and the creme de la creme.   I felt like such a noob but she was so gracious reminding me that everyone has to learn about these things sometime 🙂

I knew pretty soon after joining Pax Fatalis a month ago that I was up for a steep learning curve.   Well in a month I have gained 10 levels and experienced so much crunchy goodness in the world of Norrath.  I can not ever see myself getting bored with it.  My only complaint is probably a common one for many.  If only there were more hours in the day so we could have more time to enjoy all this fun and goodness 🙂

As for the events of last night – raid number three for me.  As expected, I felt more confident and had a lot of fun.  It was my first raid with Teamspeak (server was down last week).  I can more fully appreciate now why people say teamspeak is a must for raiding. 

I also remembered which mobs caused fear and cast my sanctuary to protect the group, I am getting more used to when I need to step it up with helping to heal MT and when to take care of MA or our healers that cast wards on our main fighters.  I was in the group looking after main assist, keeping my eye on main tank and spot healing third group – so much fun!

We completed the raid with only 3 groups which I thought was a sensational effort all round.  It was lovely to hear everyones voices – just adds a different dimension to the game.  We only had one wipe the first time we pulled Lord V.


Variety is the spice of life Tuesday, May 29 2007 

Well last night once again I finished my night thinking “Boy I love this game”.

Unfortunately, a few of the regulars from the guild were unwell (get better soon guys).  This then meant that the scheduled raid into the labs was postponed for one day.  A few of us decided to do an instance run and we did OoB followed by CoV. 

Poor Kilanna died a few times, and at the end of the night we worked out it was caused by one of her buffs on the MT.  However, it did not dampen my evening.  I felt particularly embarrassed because the gents I was grouped with declined most of the loot so my girl could have some upgrades.  She has gotten 2 more pieces for her ding to 68 so I am getting increasingly excited at the prospect.

I have been to each of these zones once before.  With a few more levels, a bunch of aa and a lot more confidence in knowing what Kilanna can do, I really really enjoyed her second run through even if I did get slapped about a bit.  This was also helped by the fact that I have been grouping regularly for the last few weeks with the tank and we each have confidence in the other.

Shortly after the group broke up, I grouped briefly with one of my friends who has a lvl 16 Pally.  I helped him to finish some of his tougher quests real quick and so he was happy.

After he toddled off to bed, i jumped onto my little Arasai Warlock girlie for half an hour or so and got her to level 10 questing around in Darklight Woods.  I did die a few times because I am still getting used to rooting and AoE – but really enjoying the Warlock class so far.

I think that now I am eligible for aa xp with her, I might switch off her combat xp intermittently and just really enjoy the questing in the new zones for a bit.  This will be a way to get her loads of aa xp at lower levels where it feels to me as though it is much easier to come by. 

I am also tossing up whether or not to do any tradeskilling with this little girl.  With all of my toons on Guk, I have stockpiled any Adepts I’s or nice treasured gear for the alts to grow into.  I have also covered all the tradeskills to make stuff for them.   Wouldn’t it be neat if you could mail between servers 🙂

I was reflecting though about what to do for this girl, and contamplated doing Sage and keeping up with her spell upgrades.  Then I got to thinking most lvl 60 Adept III costs say around a plat.  The rare to make that sells for say 80gp certainly on Guk anyway.   Rather than investing to get Xorlan to lvl 60 Sage to make her one or 2 spells per level, I think it is worth her selling loot and commissioning guildmates so they can utilise their chosen artisan professions.  

I may do Provisioner with her though as it is a good way to keep myself in food/drink and nice for crafting writs.  No reflection at all on the fact that I am obsessive with tradeskilling 🙂

 With all that fun and variety open to me in one evening, all I can say is I LOVE this game!!

Time to stop and smell the roses Monday, May 28 2007 

We had a sensational trip home last night so I got to log on a little bit earlier than usual.  I was asked if I wanted to join a group only to then be told sorry we are full – *sigh* I was at a loose end.

Well this was all good I thought – so I made the most of the opportunity to do some harvesting in the T7 zones and get to know my way around a little better.  Learning where the teleports between the 3 zones are, getting the feel for what mobs are on which Islands, where I can find certain different nodes for harvesting and so on.  There was time to stop and smell the roses.

I jumped across to my little Arasai girl Xorlan on Antonia Bayle for a little while and had a fabulous time chatting with Stargrace while I was exploring and doing a little questing in the darklight woods.    She is a font of knowledge on this game – I just hope she doesn’t mind me asking so many questions 🙂

My husband also logged onto EQ for the first time in a long time, and was looking at concepts for new toons.  He came to Darklight woods and immediately moved his existing Shadowknight to Neriak.  He has joined the chorus of people who love the fact that it reminiscent of Neriak from the original EQ.  I am excited that he has logged back in, but I fear it may not be a long term proposition.

Tonight will be a change of pace again with the regular Tuesday night raid into the Labs.  I have another 2 levels since my last trip in there, and some more confidence in my abilities since my trip into Unrest.  It should be even more fun than the last 2 raids.

Meet Xorlan Monday, May 28 2007 


I could not resist but post a picture of my new Arasai girlie.

I adore this zone with all the quests, and I had such a hoot chatting along with Stargrace while I was just exploring.

One step closer…. Sunday, May 27 2007 

Well this weekend was full of the usual real life stuff as well as the usual opportunity for my Everquest goodness.

There was however a serious case of drooling on my part – my husband got his new PC on Friday and by late Sunday morning he had his EQ patched and he logged in.  Words can not describe how pretty it looks.  Sigh – jealousy is such a terrible thing 🙂  I hope to get myself a new PC around Christmas time which will be very nice indeed.

On Friday Verity and I took a short trip to update my hat quest with a couple of the guildies.  All was going well until the Key would not operate the platform to take Hooluk upstairs.  We tried again on Sunday afternoon with the same results *sigh*

However, the small annoyance that resulted from this was soon evaporated on both occasions.

I have been really enjoying talking to Stargrace in game over the last couple of weeks.  After making sure that it was OK with her, I deleted my new Arasai girl and re-rolled Xorlan on Antonia Bayle on Friday night.  I was promptly invited to join her guild and met Shadowgeist, and worked Xorlan to level 7 Warlock.   There is a little bit of history behind choosing the name Xorlan, as this was the name of the only caster I have ever played in Pen and Paper D&D.  Just seemed to feel right 🙂  I will do some writs and HQ’s with her of course to contribute to the guild, but no rush to get her leveled.  Looking forward to seeing what a roleplaying server is like too.

After the apparent bug surfacing again on Sunday with the update to lead Hooluk upstairs, I am pleased to report that the minor annoyance was soon banished when Kilanna dinged 67 Templar and 67 aa points.  One more step toward that pinnacle of 70. 

My next ding will be extremely exciting for me though.  At 68 I will get to wear 4 fabled pieces of armour and 2 pieces of treasured jewelery that are sitting in my bank from my adventures over the last 2 weeks.  I think that the ding of 70 will still be very exciting but the boost Kil will get to her gear at 68 will be outstanding.

A most enjoyable evening Thursday, May 24 2007 

I have got to say that I really really enjoyed myself in game again last night.

I have been enjoying every second of my adventuring in the last few weeks and who wouldn’t.  I have been completing quests by the dozen,  and have gained bunches of adventure and aa levels.

However, last night was a change of pace. I logged on and did a little bit of crafting for one of Verity’s alts.   He complemented me on my healing when we were in the Estate which I appreciated – just as well he couldn’t see me blush cos I am not one for enjoying too much attention 🙂 

We then headed up to Barren Sky and Bonemire to finish a few of Kil’s little quests and get her that last couple of % to ding 66.   Nothing epic, nothing heroic just nice little pottering around, doing a little harvesting and found a few shinys 🙂   I also dinged 67 aa points.  I am getting a little worried about that though – I fear I am going to get to 70, run out of discovery aa and quests and be nowhere near 100 aa.   I have heard that once you hit 70 that your adventure xp is converted into aa xp – Is that true?

I am also hopeful that with the new expansions will come many more quests and new areas.  There does not appear to be any sign at this time that the aa system will be further expanded so that might be a great way for her to catch up too.

After a short while we then decided that we would head back to town and just have a bit of a muck around.  Verity went to one of his alts to farm for treasured items for transmuting and I rolled up my Arasai and had a quick run around in the new starting area, getting her up to level 6. 

I absolutely adore the atmosphere and graphics in the zone and absolutely LOVE the Warlock class.  In one way I think it is really good for me to roll and play a mage class because it gives me some appreciation of their abilities for when I am grouping/raiding with them. 

I am really looking forward to just questing with this little girlie – no pressure, no need to level her quickly – just enjoy the game from a completely different angle 🙂

The Estate of Unrest Wednesday, May 23 2007 

Once again this week the Wednesday raid into the Lyceum was cancelled due to lack of players.  Once again, Verity seized on the opportunity to help push me on a little further towards 70.  He switched to his 70 Guardian and we joined a few guys from the guild and I had my first visit into Unrest.

As it was my first visit, of course aa was plentiful.  I dinged a little under 2 aa points between discovery and nameds.  I absolutely love the atmosphere.

These guys had done the zone plenty of time before, and being on teamspeak was a blessing for me.  They were able to explain to me what was happening, point me toward safe places to stand, tell me when I might want to move because of named about to pop etc.  We had a rotating roster for harvesting the shinys and so I believe I got one shiny and 2 pages – it was all a bit of an exciting blur 🙂

Our group consisted of the main tank, 2 mages, brigand, defiler and myself.  At first I thought I was the only healer GULP, but realised there were 2 of us after all which was good.

Oh and the funnyest thing happened – the guys warned me at one point that the next gnome that we faced puts a bomb in a random backpack.  I was warned and on the lookout.  Well OK you can guess right – I was the lucky one.  Problem is with my attention on healing, I didn’t notice till it was too late.  It hurt me but didn’t kill me thankfully.  We were all laughing.  I didn’t feel so bad because the Brig had already pointed out to the group that 5 seconds aint long when you are concentrating on healing because he has a 70 Templar too  🙂

I love the zone, love the atmosphere and really love the storyline as you run through the instance.  With increased opportunties for this kind of group, a few extra levels and complete trust in Verity’s tank, I am growing in knowledge and confidence with the abilities of my class. 

We were just up to finishing the last named in the zone with about 10 mins to go till server down and *sigh* we hit a bug and couldn’t get him to pop 😦    Oh well, I have to say that the loot in this zone was pretty darned good, with a few members of the group getting some nice new toys.

The experience gain for me was nothing short of spectacular.  I started the evening at around 20% into level 65, and finished the evening at 97%.  So there will no doubt be another ding to speak of tomorrow 🙂  First order of tonight will be making some space in my backpacks and getting my Lvl 66 spells before I head out.

65-65 Monday, May 21 2007 

Last night was a lot of fun, and Kil hit a little bit of a milestone.

After pottering about for a little bit in TT and doing a few writs for guild status, Verity suggested we pop across to OOB.  We got together a few others from the guild and after getting lost 😦 I finally made it to the instance.

I have not yet been there, so there was plenty of aa to be had.   Verity logged on his guardian alt who is an awesome tank.  We cleared the dungeon with little trouble and not much to speak of.  Kil died once with her buffs on the tank giving her aggro – but all good.   My rate of progress of late is almost embarrassing and it must look like I do nothing other than play EQII, but during our little expedition into the obelisk, Kilanna dinged 65 Templar. 

After clearing the instance, Verity logged on another of his alts to farm for treasured items for his transmuting.  I grouped up with my close friend in real life who had managed to get his 2 day old Pally up to level 12 and helped him with some coin and gear.

So at the end of the night, Kilanna found herself as Level 65 Templar and with 65 aa points.  Tonight it will be my second raid into the Labs of Lord V.

Another fun weekend of Everquest II. Monday, May 21 2007 

Well I had another fabulous weekend in game this weekend.

I was really happy when my new friend Verity sent me a tell from one of his Alt’s outside of the guild.  I guess this means that he must not mind hanging out with me in game so that was neat.  I swapped onto one of my alt toons and helped him to go harvesting some treasured stuff for his transmuter for a little while.

Kilanna did a lot of fun stuff.  Verity helped her to advance her hat quest and finish off a few other bits and pieces.  We grabbed a couple of other folks from the guild to do the scrollbearer step.  Woah he is mean and nasty and has a whole bunch of hitpoints.  But we killed him deader than dead and danced on his lifeless body.   This had the very fortunate result of Kilanna dinging 64 Templar and another aa point 🙂

On Saturday night she scored a rare T7 root from a chest and another of my new friends from the guild has kindly made it into a Wisdom Hex Doll for her.   I am almost embarrassed at how kind some folks in the guild have been with helping my girl.

Last night though, I was pleased yet again to be able to help Verity with getting some more updates on one of his quests.  We took a run into PoA, and were joined by a few other folks, one of whom was a dirge.   We decided to continue on after the dirge left, but I really noticed his absence with decreased dps for the group, and the loss of regen.  This further highlighted to me that each class really does have great abilities in this game and can make a valuable contribution to a group.

Kilanna also had some fun running around by herself for a little while.  I did some harvesting (specifically T6 roots) for Emalaes sage levels.  I usually just harvest all nodes that I see, but right now I have an abundance of all harvests from T6 but no roots.  I can see getting enough T6 roots for my tailor, woodworker and carpenter will be fun hehe.

I also finished my manastone quest which was cool – a new toy which will be very useful and some guild status.

So a weekend of fun with Kilanna finishing at almost 85% toward lvl65 and 90% toward her 64th aa point.   Boy I love this game 🙂

Character Profile Emalae Friday, May 18 2007 

And here she is – my gorgeous Kung Fu kitty 🙂


It happened quite a while after Kilanna was first born. In fact, I think Kilanna was already in her mid 30’s. My attention span being what it is, I thought about rolling my first alt.

After basing Kilanna on my first pen and paper D&D toon, I had full creative licence for this character. So, being the girly girl that I am, aesthetics were the primary goal this time. I checked each of the races and was not overly excited about the dark elf strait up, or the gnome or erudite. I checked out the ratonga, Iksar and then the Kerra.

Look no further 🙂 She was beautiful. But what class to choose?

My husband and one of my friends had both played a Tera kasi (unarmed combatant) in Star Wars Galaxies and loved it. I thought this fitted so well with the agile, nimble Kerran form, so the Kerran monk was created.

So much easier to level your second character when you know more about what you are doing, and have some money behind you. Spell upgrades, weaponry, armour and other supplies are much more plentiful making the leveling up a much more enjoyable experience IMHO.

At one point Em just wanted to blast through the levels and just kill for xp, she had little desire to quest. But this has recently changed when she completed 4 quests in around 30 mins earning her 2 aa points. (Far seas requisition quests from the Nek Forest docks)

It is the nature of the beast that combat with a healing class will be a struggle at times. I have found soloing with Kilanna to be discouraging and slow some times. In contrast, I am finding that questing with Emalae is extremely satisfying. She can pretty much hold her own, combat is well paced, and the fake death ability is an outstanding get out of jail free card.

Knowing the layout of zones and where the mobs are is also very nice. I am also going to use this opportunity to quest in zones where I did not quest with Kilanna.

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