OK here is where I show my complete noobness for all….again.

Last night Kilanna had her first hunting trip into KoS.  She went into Tenebrous Tangle with 3 of her new guildmates.  Thanks so much for the welcome guys!

So the first fun of the evening was the drop from the falls down to the hidden refuge.  I died twice missing the water at the bottom, I am sure many others have done so before,  and I am sure i will do it again too lol.

Then came the complete coolness factor of flying on a cloud over to the drake breeding grounds.  I still love travelling on the magic carpet in DoF and am sure I will always enjoy cloud travel in KoS.

I am thrilled that a couple of the desired benefits of changing guild have materialised so soon.  It was wonderful to have company while I was playing, and wonderful to have the opportunity to group.  Guild chat was lively, positive, inclusive and friendly.

As part of the hunt Kilanna completed Droag L&L, so she has another house trophy to add to her wall of smacky goodness:).  Combine this with discovery experience and she is now only 3 aa points from completing her EoF tree that gives her reduced casting time and bonus damage.

After the little group disbanded, Kilanna continued to work on the Peacock Club quest line.  I understand these quests lead into the Godking raids, and wonder if there is really much point in working it through for a Templar.  More research needed I think:)

So to end the night, Kilanna ended up 35% closer to lvl 59, and also managed to pick up the HQ for the Sceptre of Rahotep.  

I would have automatically deleted that quest last week because of the epic encounter, but might keep hold of it now.  I have a feeling that Pax Fatalis might rally around to help Kilanna complete it after she demonstrates committment to the guild and gets to know people better.  That will obviously take some time and effort on Kilanna’s behalf , and there is certainly no expectation from the player – but it would be neat.