The last couple of nights have been quite quiet for Kilanna.

She did quite a bit of harvesting for the other girls, and a little bit of tradeskilling.  She is just short of lvl 60 Jeweler.  Maybe half a dozen combines and she will be all good and level 60.  Then next will be discovering where the heck to get the T7 tradeskill books.   I am guessing that there are 2 possibilities.  When I hit 60 the T7 books will show up on the vendor in MajDul, or else I need to locate a vendor somewhere in KoS.

Both Emalae (Sage) and Selara (Alchemist) dinged another 2 levels each.  The scholarly tradeskills are nice because there are quite a few recipes before you run out of pristine bonus and have to grind each level.   But I do find the harvesting and tradeskilling part of EQ II almost therapeutic.  I feel like I just get into a “zone”.

Selara is also now good to make Emalae Adept III’s for 2 of the last 3 Monk levels that she dinged.   I quite like being self sufficient in this way.   I also quite like that I have been able to help out a few real life friends and some Divine Chaos guildmates with spell/combat art upgrades.

On related matters, my nephew popped in last night while I was harvesting on Kilanna.  He also plays EQII, and asked me what I was going to do with Kilanna once she reached 70.  My response to him was “Oh I will probably take her on raids and do some harder solo quest for a while before the next expansion comes out”

My recent excitement about raiding has actually surprised me.  I have solo’d probably 80% of my play time up to this point and didn’t think I wanted to raid.  Now I am in a guild that raids and I am looking forward to it.  There does not seem to be a focus on raiding in the guild, or any pressure to do so, but I am a little bit excited about it.