I was a bit late getting home last night and most of the guild were already out doing some instance runs.   Kilanna had another evening of doing a little harvesting for the rest of the girls. 

Selara claimed one of the Veteran rewards which gave her 3 elixirs each for Tradeskilling and Adventure XP.  They are 30 minute duration giving around a +30% to xp.

She was all set up with raw material, fuel, food and drink.  Our dinner was going to take around 30 mins to finish in the oven – PERFECT:)  So in a little over half an hour with her bonus xp, Selara dinged her way to lvl35 Alchemist. 

I then checked Emalaes combat arts, and decided on which ones I would upgrade to Adept III.   I feel that if you are tanking for a group then the combat arts for 1) keeping aggro and 2) giving you the possibility to intercept damage to a healer/dps, would be very important.  Even if Em does indeed do any groups at this point, she wont be main tank.  I am only going to upgrade her direct damage spells to Adept III and just upgrade these others to App IV at this point.

Something else I have noticed before, but have not commented on, relates to the tradeskill “buffs” that you get every 10 levels.  I sorted Kilanna’s by group and she didn’t appear to have any lvl 50 upgrades.  Do I need to buy them from somewhere like all the regular spells/combat arts after lvl 50, or are there no further upgrades after lvl 4o?  Maybe I was just not looking properly 🙂

I have not looked into it too much before because she is having no problem with getting pristine combines, and her skill is increasing just fine.  Just curious is all.

Oh and way cool – the latest potions that Selara can make are healing potions.  One potion heals around 250hp.  Another other heals a smaller amount intially but then continues to heal over time for 30 seconds.  Both have a re-use timer.  I will have a look at the mastercrafted versions tonight, I imagine they will be better.  May not seem like much healing but we all know that there are times when we have been just soooooo close but dont quite make it through a combat. 

Did i mention I love tradeskills:)