Before I begin my ramblings today, I freely acknowledge that no one MMO is ever going to be all things to all people (or any people actually).  I also hasten to add that I love this game and this is no “bash on SOE” posting.  I think this game does a heck of a lot right.  I have been playing for a year and have seen but a fraction of what this game has to offer.

I know that some people may have made similar postings to this in the past, but here is my very own wish list of things I would like to see in EQII.

1. Guild halls.  How cool would it be to have a place to hang out and have a beer with your guildies after your adventures.  Complete with banker, provisioner, vendor for your trash, and broker so you can put your loot up for sale.  You could even have crafting stations and player housing opening up off from the guild halls like your newbie room opens off from the inn.  You would have these guild halls in somewhere like MajDul that had equal access for members of all cities, and they would of course have to be in a completely neutral area for players of all levels.

2. More ability to interract with some parts of the environment.  Being able to sit at your table, lie on your bed, sit in your rocking chair in front of that beautiful roaring fireplace in your home, or sit at a table to meet or get together with strangers at the inn (much like the cantinas in Star Wars Galaxies)

3. More options for customisation of furniture, clothing, armour.  A palette of colours to chose from, a range of decorative embellishments which increase in number and complexity as you become a more skilled artisan (similar to what we saw in Star Wars Galaxies)

4. I quite like the broker system that is currently in place, but it is a right royal pain changing loot from one toon to another to sell from a “main”.  I would like to be able to sell from more than one toon at a time.  I imagine that one reason why this does not currently happen is related to ingame economics, perhaps it is thought that no one would upgrade their housing for more broker slots.  I think that the player housing system in EQ II is just exceptional.  I would argue that this combined with the fact that we accumulate household gear in game, would lead to people to naturally and consistantly upgrade housing.  The more we accumulate, the bigger space we need to display it.  In addition there are always those who want bigger and better then everyone else.  I am no IT guru, and wonder that there might also be some reasons related to the complexities of the game programming code that may make it prohibatively difficult.

5. If we can not sell from more than one toon, it wold be great to give characters from the same account the ability to add / remove things from the main toons vendor boxes (similar to visitor/trusted status for housing)?

6. MORE CHARACTER SLOTS:  Enuff said??    Well I will say more anyhow:)   It would mean more toons so a busy landscape in all zones of the game not just the endgame, a vibrant economy with people equiping characters through out all levels of the game, the opportunity to try out numerous different class/race combinations, and therefore things are always “fresh” and there is always something to work towards.  Also, no one is going to delete an established toon to try a new race in an expansion, so established players miss out on new crunchy goodness.

7. Additional storage space.  I know we have our personal bank and a guild bank and a house vault.  But what about the ability to for example stock pile raw materials for tradeskills in a new type of storage container within your housing basement, or a much larger house vault?  Perhaps this could be linked to your tradeskill level similar to the size of guild bank being related to guild level.  This could be limited to only contain raw materials, like for example the harvesting bag you get as a quest reward in Nek Forest.  Most of us dont have an endless supply of bank space to stockpile raw materials, and sometimes you feel like tradeskilling when you dont have a lot of time to go harvesting.  These storage containers were an invaluable feature we had in Star Wars Galaxies (Hmmm…. I sense a recurring theme).  These containers would count towards the number of items you have in your house, so it is not limitless.  There will still always be those who detest harvesting so there will still be the buying and selling of resources through the brokers.

8. Many more dungeons that will scale to the capabilities of the solo adventurer or group of adventurers like the Splitpaw dungeons do.  The best shiny loot drops should of course be limited to the most difficult of dungeons requiring groups or raids – but these less complex dungeons should have some decent loot drops too.  Just like tradeskillers have regular pristine combines and “mastercrafted” combines – the less complex dungeons could drop your regular gear, saving the real shiny’s for the raid groups.  But everyone would still get to fight the nasty dragon in the dungeon, or the mean spectres in those desert tombs.

9. A wider variety of add-on’s to allow players to customise their UI similar to what my husband has shown me for WoW

10. A more detailed and varied musical score.

Hopefully this does not appear to be the ramblings of a mad woman, but more like my daydream of some tasty icing on a very delicious cake.  I may be thin on ideas for implementation, but a gal can dream:)