On Sunday night there was talk of going into Sanctum of the Scaleborn last night.  However within 5 minutes of logging in I found myself heading for the Den of the Devourer in The Bonemire with some of the guildies.  My first instance run so I was both nervous and excited.   I wanted to make sure I didn’t make a complete fool of myself in front of these guys in case they never wanted to group with me again 🙂

I have never been up there, so plenty of aa to be had.  It was downright scary with everything being con red or orange to me.  Kil was the baby of the group at level 60.  All the others were level 70.

The place was crawling with ravasect, and there were a few named.  I was absolutely blown away that the guys could even guess what loot was going to drop from them.

But the guys took care of me and helped me out with hints on playing my class well in a group.  There was another healer so I didn’t feel like there was a great amount of pressure.   My cures and debuffs were welcome, and it was a high paced run around which I enjoyed.

I also won the lotto for a beautiful legendary ravasect necklace, with +25 Wis and Int.  Will be very nice for her when she reaches 67 and can wear it.  The other guys in the group all had better gear so i dont feel like I am a new kid on the block stealing all the candy 🙂

So a quick hour or so and Kil has another aa point and 40% toward her next lvl. 

Tonight i will have to spend some money upgrading her spells before I start adventuring.  The last two levels have happened so quickly, that I have not yet had the opportunity to check the broker.

I am sure that the shinyness of such evenings will diminish a little – but right now I am just going to soak it all in, take each day as it comes and enjoy each moment.