Sigh – Monday morning has rolled around, so back to work for me.  But as you can probably guess from todays title, I had the most sensational weekend of gaming.

My new friends at Pax Fatalis have really welcomed me to the guild.  There is one other girl in the guild, and she and I started chatting.  She is another player with a fascination for decorating housing, and she & the guild leader took me to see a couple of their houses.  All I can say is WOW WOW WOW.

One of the officers has taken Kilanna under his wing and let me know that he is now making it a mission to help get levels and some better gear for my girl:)  I appreciate it, but hope not to detract too much from his own enjoyment.

She finished the last step of Teachings of Yoru HQ.   I have to tell you though, the mark on the top of the tower in Zek is a mad man – I forgot about the knockback attacks and he smote my plate wearing body all over the adjacent hills before I changed tactic and made sure my back was to the wall:)  The revenge killing was sweet sweet sweet.

There was some questing in Tenebrous Tangle and Loping Plains, including getting my warg mount.  The end result – Kilanna dinged 59 on Friday night and 60 last night. 

In addition, there was an abundance of aa xp, meaning she could finish her EoF holy smite tree for faster cast times and less mana use.  She also respec’d her aa down the mellee and heal crit line for additional 25% damage bonus – thanks for the advice Stargrace:).

So a very happy little player, and a very happy Kilanna at the end of the weekend.  Going to have a little group adventure into Sanctum of the Scaleborn tonight which should be fun.