My Mum lives interstate, and fortunately for me she has been travelling to Sydney for business quite a lot recently.   It is nice to go into town for a few hours, have a coffee, a browse in our favourite girly shops, and catch dinner.  Usually my husband goes and browses the latest pen and paper roleplaying offerings while the girlies do their thing, and we all meet for dinner together – so it is fun for everyone:)  Last night was one of those nights for me.

Even though I have no EQ goodness to report from last night, on my way to work this morning I was daydreaming about a recent adventure with my Kerran Monk into CbK.

I was at a loose end – opened up her quest journal to find that she had the Kobold, Treant and Orc L&L partially finished.   Then a genius idea struck – I could head to CbK to finish Orc L&L and for aa.  On the way I could finish Kobold in BB and then harvest in the Treant grove in GFay. 

Completing the Kobold L&L was fairly painless – then I moved on into the Treant grove in Gfay.  *sigh* some of those pieces just will not drop will they 🙂

So I moved on up to CbK.  Some stuff was greyed out – quite a bit was still con green to her at lvl 34.  She ran around, got her discovery aa and completed the quest inside the door, and DING 35 Monk!

With the opportunity to run around solo and thank you EQII maps – I became a lot more familiar with the layout of the keep which is nice.  I now look forward to one day tanking a group through here on my little fae zerker girlie when she is in mid 20’s.

It goes without saying that the style of play just can not be compared for a fighter and a healer.  And this is yet another thing I love about EQ II.  You could have 3 or 4 level 40 toons of different race/class combos, and even though some content would certainly be similar, there would be quite a lot that would be different.  Enough that will certainly keep me playing for a long time to come.

With the news that we are getting new toon slots and a new playable race later this month – I was thinking about what to do.  Maybe a brigand would be fun – also thinking about a warlock or fury.  There is already so much to see and do with my current toons-but I am DEFINITELY an alt-aholic.

For sure Kil will always be my main toon and I am sure she will get to 70 soon enough.  But the joy of this game IMO, is the diversity of the experiences you can have and the people you can meet.

Starting to get worried that it looks like I dont have a life offline 🙂