Last night I logged on after dinner.  Kilanna was about 38% into level 61. 

At the end of my previous session it was late so I had just recalled back to Qeynos and logged off.  Thus the first order of the evening was to get rid of my vendor trash and put my loot out for sale.  Just as I was finishing this up and deciding what to do next, my new mentor logged on.  He quickly sent me a tell asking if I would mind helping him out in PoA for some updates for one of his quests.  Well it goes without saying that he didn’t need to ask – of course I was happy to do so!!

It felt nice to be able to reciprocate all of his kind assistance in some small way, and in perfect honesty it does not matter to me what I do in game at the moment.  I just adore being part of the guild and a nice big group.

We were joined by a few other members of the guild and pottered around for a bit.  The updates that 2 of the group were waiting on were slow in coming, which caused them some frustration.  We then started to move up in the complex in the hope of getting their updates more easily.  We cleared aviak and droag aplenty – but those sentinels are nasty!!

There were a few named, a few masters dropped, and some aa updates that I didn’t get last time I was in there.   I also managed to score a nice bracelet (+20 Wis and Int) for when I reach 67.  And then there he was – woah – another Dragon!! 

I can’t even claim noobness moment here because I saw one last week – but still WOAH!!  I have a sneaking suspicion I am going to become very familiar with a few zones like SoS and PoA, so I am sure the novelty will wear off.

As the baby of the group I managed to take his aggro first up, but the tank soon fixed that, and pretty soon we were looking at the corpse of said dragon.  Thus finished a good group, with no party deaths whatsoever for the evening.  I say both great tanking and great healing was the reason for our success 🙂

By this time it was getting late, and we were not starting anything new – but Kilanna was on almost 92%.  We stepped out of the palace and I pulled up my map.  I was looking at quite a lot of black.  Woot!

Visits to the other nearby isles for aa put my adventure xp to 99%  So, I very quickly ran to Tenebrous Tangle finished one of the “basket” quests to kill 4 mobs and DING Level 62!  This went along quite nicely with the 2 aa points.

So I now sport my lovely shiny Xegonite chestplate.  At this time my guild friends suggest I dont waste my money on buying any other pieces of T7 mastercrafted armour.

It feels like I am now off and racing.  With 4 dings in 2 weeks I can barely believe it.  I also felt very comfortable as part of the group last night – meaning that I felt as though I knew what my job was, and confidently set about getting it done as we ran through the zone. 

Now tonight I will be looking to see if I can buy my new spell(s) first up.  The rest of the guild will be raiding the labs, so I think I will look to finishing a couple of language quests and work my Manastone quest or head back to KoS.  I also want to start harvesting some T7 resources to feed my addiction of Tradeskills, and because I will be solo it will be nice to just wander around and check everything out 🙂