Tonight didn’t quite go as planned – in a good sort of way πŸ™‚

As I was buying my spells and getting ready to head out, raid leader sent me a tell asking me if I was interested in joining in. He said it would be tough and I would probably die lots but the extra healing would be welcome. My buddy was on and said heck yeah I should come along – no matter if I died lots. So onward and into the Labs I went with the guys. woot.

Well raiding was pretty much how I imagined it would be. Lots of big bad guys (I lost track of how many epic X4 dragons we killed) numbers going everywhere, busy and chaotic on the screen. I will be able to have a bit of a debrief with my mentor buddy tomorrow night, but am pretty sure I did OK. I died lots exactly as expected, but managed to score 3 aa points and was overjoyed when the guys told me to put my hat in for some pretties. Even though she can’t use for a little while, have a look at Kil’s new toys


Lord V himself was very imposing and quite impressive. The guys were overjoyed because they worked out a way to split Lord V from the other named guy in the room (sorry – noobness moment don’t remember his name). Lord V was a very tough fight even on his own. I died 2 times, and many others in the guild died once too. But no matter – in the end we left him deader than dead. I feel like such a kid, but I was so excited I even forgot to get a screen shot.

Quite nicely – His exquisite chest was a fabled chest piece for the main tank giving him a nice upgrade too. So there was much rejoicing and now it is time for me to go and have sweet dreams of killing Lord V again πŸ™‚

One piece of advice I would be interested from you raid veterans – As a healer, unless otherwise directed by raid leader should I generally be healing my own group or the main tank? Is there a specific ettiquette or just common sense?