On a Wednesday night, the folks of Pax Fatalis have been raiding the Lyceum.  Last night there were a lot of folks with commitments in real life and so there were not enough to form a raid. 

My friend Verity seized this moment to help move Kilanna right along some more.  Firstly we went back to SoS to advance my Claymore line now that I could actually speak Druzaic.   I don’t know why I had not finished that before as I only had one more shrine to find.  I suspect that it was because it was the shrine in Rivervale in among the heroic Nightbloods and Lamias and they scared me.

With that done, we moved along to the Barren Sky and did a whole bunch of quests there.   This included a language quest and we completed the Aviak L&L.  

So the end of the night saw Kilanna at 70% toward level 63, and with another 2 aa.  She is moving right along at completing the Int line on her Templar tree working toward getting reduced casting times.  She finished the holy smites line on her cleric tree quite a while ago, so I will have to re consider if that is the most effective use for her points now that she isn’t going to be so much of a solo toon 🙂

Verity is trying to move me along quite quickly at the moment.   I really don’t mind that things are moving so quickly because Ijust feel impatient to be able to get Kil dinged those last levels to 70 myself.  The slight disadvantage is that moving so quickly means I am not as familiar with the zones yet – but that will come for sure.

On a personal note, I was very sad yesterday to find out that the leader of Kilanna’s old guild will be leaving the game in a few months time.   I respect her decision and hope to keep in touch with her via regular email – but I will miss her.