And here she is – my gorgeous Kung Fu kitty πŸ™‚


It happened quite a while after Kilanna was first born. In fact, I think Kilanna was already in her mid 30’s. My attention span being what it is, I thought about rolling my first alt.

After basing Kilanna on my first pen and paper D&D toon, I had full creative licence for this character. So, being the girly girl that I am, aesthetics were the primary goal this time. I checked each of the races and was not overly excited about the dark elf strait up, or the gnome or erudite. I checked out the ratonga, Iksar and then the Kerra.

Look no further πŸ™‚ She was beautiful. But what class to choose?

My husband and one of my friends had both played a Tera kasi (unarmed combatant) in Star Wars Galaxies and loved it. I thought this fitted so well with the agile, nimble Kerran form, so the Kerran monk was created.

So much easier to level your second character when you know more about what you are doing, and have some money behind you. Spell upgrades, weaponry, armour and other supplies are much more plentiful making the leveling up a much more enjoyable experience IMHO.

At one point Em just wanted to blast through the levels and just kill for xp, she had little desire to quest. But this has recently changed when she completed 4 quests in around 30 mins earning her 2 aa points. (Far seas requisition quests from the Nek Forest docks)

It is the nature of the beast that combat with a healing class will be a struggle at times. I have found soloing with Kilanna to be discouraging and slow some times. In contrast, I am finding that questing with Emalae is extremely satisfying. She can pretty much hold her own, combat is well paced, and the fake death ability is an outstanding get out of jail free card.

Knowing the layout of zones and where the mobs are is also very nice. I am also going to use this opportunity to quest in zones where I did not quest with Kilanna.