Last night was another fun but incredibly intense night online.  I wanted to try and make sense of it by writing something about it today.

I logged on after a quick bite of dinner.  Kilanna was on 70% toward level 63.   As has become a routine, Verity quickly invited me to join him in a group and we headed up to KoS.   As I mentioned yesterday, he is trying to pull me along reasonably quickly which is neat.  On a small number of occasions, my poor little head has been spinning about which quest we were doing and where we were headed, but last night I took some steps to help with that.  I installed Teamspeak.

Although I had some teething problems (we think related to our home firewall settings) I think my husband has managed to sort that out – we will see tonight.   IMHO this is an incredible thing and I really wish I had used it earlier.

To hear someones voice brings another dimension completely to your online relationships.  It also makes that interaction quicker and easier.   At one point all I heard thru the headset was “Oh bugger.  Quick Kil back here”.  Move first and ask questions later, I thought.   I had just been saved from a horrible death because a named had popped right behind me.  Yay one for teamspeak.

OK so shortly after getting into my group one of my very closest friends in real life jumped on to EQ for the first time.  He was Best Man at our wedding and we have been friends for almost 15 years.  Earlier in the day I had offered to do whatever he would like, whether that be to just chat or to group up with him.  He thought he would be more comfortable to just chat while he was doing the intro quests and getting used to the UI for the first time – and this I completely understand. 

In the meantime, we had picked up a few members to get a group together to get an update for one of Verity’s quests.  It did not go well – and Kilannas poor plate wearing body was repeatedly splattered 😦   But I was so pre-occupied with this and I felt so bad that I didn’t chat with my real life friend as much as I wanted to – but he didn’t mind and completely understood.  I am guessing he was pre-occupied himself.

And then some other friends from ingame logged in and wanted to chat and say hiya.   My head was spinning.  I was getting tells from 4 people at the same time as trying to keep up the tank while we were fighting wyrms at the breeding grounds.  Hands up everyone who has had that happen 🙂

So while I very much enjoyed the night – I felt spread thin and hope not to have too many like that lol. 

Now in other news – Kilanna finished her night last night at 97% into lvl 62.  Verity and another of our guildmates helped me to get rid of the xp debt I had aquired while attempting his update.  But by this time it was after 11pm and we all had to get up for work in the morning, so we all logged of and headed for bed.

This morning though, I excitedly jumped on for 10 mins over coffee and breakfast cereal  and finished 2 of the basket quests – and DING  Level 63 woot.  I was so glad that Stargrace was in game so I had someone to share the happy moment with me 🙂