Last night was a lot of fun, and Kil hit a little bit of a milestone.

After pottering about for a little bit in TT and doing a few writs for guild status, Verity suggested we pop across to OOB.  We got together a few others from the guild and after getting lost 😦 I finally made it to the instance.

I have not yet been there, so there was plenty of aa to be had.   Verity logged on his guardian alt who is an awesome tank.  We cleared the dungeon with little trouble and not much to speak of.  Kil died once with her buffs on the tank giving her aggro – but all good.   My rate of progress of late is almost embarrassing and it must look like I do nothing other than play EQII, but during our little expedition into the obelisk, Kilanna dinged 65 Templar. 

After clearing the instance, Verity logged on another of his alts to farm for treasured items for his transmuting.  I grouped up with my close friend in real life who had managed to get his 2 day old Pally up to level 12 and helped him with some coin and gear.

So at the end of the night, Kilanna found herself as Level 65 Templar and with 65 aa points.  Tonight it will be my second raid into the Labs of Lord V.