Well I had another fabulous weekend in game this weekend.

I was really happy when my new friend Verity sent me a tell from one of his Alt’s outside of the guild.  I guess this means that he must not mind hanging out with me in game so that was neat.  I swapped onto one of my alt toons and helped him to go harvesting some treasured stuff for his transmuter for a little while.

Kilanna did a lot of fun stuff.  Verity helped her to advance her hat quest and finish off a few other bits and pieces.  We grabbed a couple of other folks from the guild to do the scrollbearer step.  Woah he is mean and nasty and has a whole bunch of hitpoints.  But we killed him deader than dead and danced on his lifeless body.   This had the very fortunate result of Kilanna dinging 64 Templar and another aa point 🙂

On Saturday night she scored a rare T7 root from a chest and another of my new friends from the guild has kindly made it into a Wisdom Hex Doll for her.   I am almost embarrassed at how kind some folks in the guild have been with helping my girl.

Last night though, I was pleased yet again to be able to help Verity with getting some more updates on one of his quests.  We took a run into PoA, and were joined by a few other folks, one of whom was a dirge.   We decided to continue on after the dirge left, but I really noticed his absence with decreased dps for the group, and the loss of regen.  This further highlighted to me that each class really does have great abilities in this game and can make a valuable contribution to a group.

Kilanna also had some fun running around by herself for a little while.  I did some harvesting (specifically T6 roots) for Emalaes sage levels.  I usually just harvest all nodes that I see, but right now I have an abundance of all harvests from T6 but no roots.  I can see getting enough T6 roots for my tailor, woodworker and carpenter will be fun hehe.

I also finished my manastone quest which was cool – a new toy which will be very useful and some guild status.

So a weekend of fun with Kilanna finishing at almost 85% toward lvl65 and 90% toward her 64th aa point.   Boy I love this game 🙂