Once again this week the Wednesday raid into the Lyceum was cancelled due to lack of players.  Once again, Verity seized on the opportunity to help push me on a little further towards 70.  He switched to his 70 Guardian and we joined a few guys from the guild and I had my first visit into Unrest.

As it was my first visit, of course aa was plentiful.  I dinged a little under 2 aa points between discovery and nameds.  I absolutely love the atmosphere.

These guys had done the zone plenty of time before, and being on teamspeak was a blessing for me.  They were able to explain to me what was happening, point me toward safe places to stand, tell me when I might want to move because of named about to pop etc.  We had a rotating roster for harvesting the shinys and so I believe I got one shiny and 2 pages – it was all a bit of an exciting blur 🙂

Our group consisted of the main tank, 2 mages, brigand, defiler and myself.  At first I thought I was the only healer GULP, but realised there were 2 of us after all which was good.

Oh and the funnyest thing happened – the guys warned me at one point that the next gnome that we faced puts a bomb in a random backpack.  I was warned and on the lookout.  Well OK you can guess right – I was the lucky one.  Problem is with my attention on healing, I didn’t notice till it was too late.  It hurt me but didn’t kill me thankfully.  We were all laughing.  I didn’t feel so bad because the Brig had already pointed out to the group that 5 seconds aint long when you are concentrating on healing because he has a 70 Templar too  🙂

I love the zone, love the atmosphere and really love the storyline as you run through the instance.  With increased opportunties for this kind of group, a few extra levels and complete trust in Verity’s tank, I am growing in knowledge and confidence with the abilities of my class. 

We were just up to finishing the last named in the zone with about 10 mins to go till server down and *sigh* we hit a bug and couldn’t get him to pop 😦    Oh well, I have to say that the loot in this zone was pretty darned good, with a few members of the group getting some nice new toys.

The experience gain for me was nothing short of spectacular.  I started the evening at around 20% into level 65, and finished the evening at 97%.  So there will no doubt be another ding to speak of tomorrow 🙂  First order of tonight will be making some space in my backpacks and getting my Lvl 66 spells before I head out.