I have got to say that I really really enjoyed myself in game again last night.

I have been enjoying every second of my adventuring in the last few weeks and who wouldn’t.  I have been completing quests by the dozen,  and have gained bunches of adventure and aa levels.

However, last night was a change of pace. I logged on and did a little bit of crafting for one of Verity’s alts.   He complemented me on my healing when we were in the Estate which I appreciated – just as well he couldn’t see me blush cos I am not one for enjoying too much attention 🙂 

We then headed up to Barren Sky and Bonemire to finish a few of Kil’s little quests and get her that last couple of % to ding 66.   Nothing epic, nothing heroic just nice little pottering around, doing a little harvesting and found a few shinys 🙂   I also dinged 67 aa points.  I am getting a little worried about that though – I fear I am going to get to 70, run out of discovery aa and quests and be nowhere near 100 aa.   I have heard that once you hit 70 that your adventure xp is converted into aa xp – Is that true?

I am also hopeful that with the new expansions will come many more quests and new areas.  There does not appear to be any sign at this time that the aa system will be further expanded so that might be a great way for her to catch up too.

After a short while we then decided that we would head back to town and just have a bit of a muck around.  Verity went to one of his alts to farm for treasured items for transmuting and I rolled up my Arasai and had a quick run around in the new starting area, getting her up to level 6. 

I absolutely adore the atmosphere and graphics in the zone and absolutely LOVE the Warlock class.  In one way I think it is really good for me to roll and play a mage class because it gives me some appreciation of their abilities for when I am grouping/raiding with them. 

I am really looking forward to just questing with this little girlie – no pressure, no need to level her quickly – just enjoy the game from a completely different angle 🙂