Well this weekend was full of the usual real life stuff as well as the usual opportunity for my Everquest goodness.

There was however a serious case of drooling on my part – my husband got his new PC on Friday and by late Sunday morning he had his EQ patched and he logged in.  Words can not describe how pretty it looks.  Sigh – jealousy is such a terrible thing 🙂  I hope to get myself a new PC around Christmas time which will be very nice indeed.

On Friday Verity and I took a short trip to update my hat quest with a couple of the guildies.  All was going well until the Key would not operate the platform to take Hooluk upstairs.  We tried again on Sunday afternoon with the same results *sigh*

However, the small annoyance that resulted from this was soon evaporated on both occasions.

I have been really enjoying talking to Stargrace in game over the last couple of weeks.  After making sure that it was OK with her, I deleted my new Arasai girl and re-rolled Xorlan on Antonia Bayle on Friday night.  I was promptly invited to join her guild and met Shadowgeist, and worked Xorlan to level 7 Warlock.   There is a little bit of history behind choosing the name Xorlan, as this was the name of the only caster I have ever played in Pen and Paper D&D.  Just seemed to feel right 🙂  I will do some writs and HQ’s with her of course to contribute to the guild, but no rush to get her leveled.  Looking forward to seeing what a roleplaying server is like too.

After the apparent bug surfacing again on Sunday with the update to lead Hooluk upstairs, I am pleased to report that the minor annoyance was soon banished when Kilanna dinged 67 Templar and 67 aa points.  One more step toward that pinnacle of 70. 

My next ding will be extremely exciting for me though.  At 68 I will get to wear 4 fabled pieces of armour and 2 pieces of treasured jewelery that are sitting in my bank from my adventures over the last 2 weeks.  I think that the ding of 70 will still be very exciting but the boost Kil will get to her gear at 68 will be outstanding.