We had a sensational trip home last night so I got to log on a little bit earlier than usual.  I was asked if I wanted to join a group only to then be told sorry we are full – *sigh* I was at a loose end.

Well this was all good I thought – so I made the most of the opportunity to do some harvesting in the T7 zones and get to know my way around a little better.  Learning where the teleports between the 3 zones are, getting the feel for what mobs are on which Islands, where I can find certain different nodes for harvesting and so on.  There was time to stop and smell the roses.

I jumped across to my little Arasai girl Xorlan on Antonia Bayle for a little while and had a fabulous time chatting with Stargrace while I was exploring and doing a little questing in the darklight woods.    She is a font of knowledge on this game – I just hope she doesn’t mind me asking so many questions 🙂

My husband also logged onto EQ for the first time in a long time, and was looking at concepts for new toons.  He came to Darklight woods and immediately moved his existing Shadowknight to Neriak.  He has joined the chorus of people who love the fact that it reminiscent of Neriak from the original EQ.  I am excited that he has logged back in, but I fear it may not be a long term proposition.

Tonight will be a change of pace again with the regular Tuesday night raid into the Labs.  I have another 2 levels since my last trip in there, and some more confidence in my abilities since my trip into Unrest.  It should be even more fun than the last 2 raids.