Well last night once again I finished my night thinking “Boy I love this game”.

Unfortunately, a few of the regulars from the guild were unwell (get better soon guys).  This then meant that the scheduled raid into the labs was postponed for one day.  A few of us decided to do an instance run and we did OoB followed by CoV. 

Poor Kilanna died a few times, and at the end of the night we worked out it was caused by one of her buffs on the MT.  However, it did not dampen my evening.  I felt particularly embarrassed because the gents I was grouped with declined most of the loot so my girl could have some upgrades.  She has gotten 2 more pieces for her ding to 68 so I am getting increasingly excited at the prospect.

I have been to each of these zones once before.  With a few more levels, a bunch of aa and a lot more confidence in knowing what Kilanna can do, I really really enjoyed her second run through even if I did get slapped about a bit.  This was also helped by the fact that I have been grouping regularly for the last few weeks with the tank and we each have confidence in the other.

Shortly after the group broke up, I grouped briefly with one of my friends who has a lvl 16 Pally.  I helped him to finish some of his tougher quests real quick and so he was happy.

After he toddled off to bed, i jumped onto my little Arasai Warlock girlie for half an hour or so and got her to level 10 questing around in Darklight Woods.  I did die a few times because I am still getting used to rooting and AoE – but really enjoying the Warlock class so far.

I think that now I am eligible for aa xp with her, I might switch off her combat xp intermittently and just really enjoy the questing in the new zones for a bit.  This will be a way to get her loads of aa xp at lower levels where it feels to me as though it is much easier to come by. 

I am also tossing up whether or not to do any tradeskilling with this little girl.  With all of my toons on Guk, I have stockpiled any Adepts I’s or nice treasured gear for the alts to grow into.  I have also covered all the tradeskills to make stuff for them.   Wouldn’t it be neat if you could mail between servers 🙂

I was reflecting though about what to do for this girl, and contamplated doing Sage and keeping up with her spell upgrades.  Then I got to thinking most lvl 60 Adept III costs say around a plat.  The rare to make that sells for say 80gp certainly on Guk anyway.   Rather than investing to get Xorlan to lvl 60 Sage to make her one or 2 spells per level, I think it is worth her selling loot and commissioning guildmates so they can utilise their chosen artisan professions.  

I may do Provisioner with her though as it is a good way to keep myself in food/drink and nice for crafting writs.  No reflection at all on the fact that I am obsessive with tradeskilling 🙂

 With all that fun and variety open to me in one evening, all I can say is I LOVE this game!!