Well it feels to me like EQ II community is all abuzz at the moment.   Not only do we have free content  in the last live update, but information abounds regarding the next retail expansion.  All I can say is wooohooo.  Bring it on!!!

One of my real life friends has just joined the game in the last couple of weeks – and to him the amount of content must just be daunting.   Even I am getting dizzy thinking about the new content to be explored over the next few months.  It feels like I have barely explored a fraction of the content that is currently available.  I have been to only a handful of instances, and have barely explored the adventure packs.   It really feels like SOE are hitting all the right buttons at the moment doesn’t it?

Last night I had another noob moment *blush* I was talking to Stargrace while I was winding down after the labs raid.  Before the raid, the guild had grouped up and hit a couple of contested epics in the Bonemire.  Well this was something I had never even heard of until last night.  When I mentioned this to Stargrace,  she giggled and explained to me that for raid guilds these guys are uber and the creme de la creme.   I felt like such a noob but she was so gracious reminding me that everyone has to learn about these things sometime 🙂

I knew pretty soon after joining Pax Fatalis a month ago that I was up for a steep learning curve.   Well in a month I have gained 10 levels and experienced so much crunchy goodness in the world of Norrath.  I can not ever see myself getting bored with it.  My only complaint is probably a common one for many.  If only there were more hours in the day so we could have more time to enjoy all this fun and goodness 🙂

As for the events of last night – raid number three for me.  As expected, I felt more confident and had a lot of fun.  It was my first raid with Teamspeak (server was down last week).  I can more fully appreciate now why people say teamspeak is a must for raiding. 

I also remembered which mobs caused fear and cast my sanctuary to protect the group, I am getting more used to when I need to step it up with helping to heal MT and when to take care of MA or our healers that cast wards on our main fighters.  I was in the group looking after main assist, keeping my eye on main tank and spot healing third group – so much fun!

We completed the raid with only 3 groups which I thought was a sensational effort all round.  It was lovely to hear everyones voices – just adds a different dimension to the game.  We only had one wipe the first time we pulled Lord V.