One more reason why I love EQII Thursday, Jun 28 2007 

Last night after dinner I logged on to Kilanna & quickly checked her vendor.  It was a very quiet night in guild, so I rocked on over to AB server and played Kayyla for a little while.

After completing a few quests, my new baby girlie dinged 2 aa points and lvl 12 Inquis.  Almost right at that point Wazza logged on & it was decided we would have a quick run into Kaladim to finish his deity quest – so I swapped right back to Kil.

Our group consisted of Guardian, Brig, Fury and my Templar girl.

OK so I freely admit to having a soft spot for that big ol’ troll guardian.  But boy do I love healing together with a Fury.  Our strengths are so complementary – the nice big heals of the Templar together with the much faster, smaller and more frequent heals of the Fury.  Our cures and wards – it was just awesome.

There was one point where we were invis and preparing for a combat.  Unfortunately, a very unexpected roamer that could see invis popped into the room and chaos reigned.  I swear to you we had around 6 or 7 nasty heroic ^^^ or ^^.  All I can say is WOW.

Kilanna kicked in her Divine recovery giving the group improved cast and recovery times for a little over 26 secs – the healers got the guard up to health &  got the debuffs going.   The brig got his dispatch off and hit with awesome dps.  It was a tough tough fight and at the end we just all went WOW.  I didn’t think we could make it and had used up all of my emergency heals/wards – but all those nasty critters lay dead at our feet while we all still stood.

Afterwards – we were just chatting over teamspeak about how cool that combat was.  About how it pushed us and shows us just what our toons are capable of achieving.   THAT is another reason why I love this game 🙂


Introducing Kayyla Wednesday, Jun 27 2007 


A couple of days ago I mentioned that I have been considering whether or not to betray Kilanna to Inquis at the next expansion.

To help me make up my mind whether I would like the class or not – I have made up a new baby Inquis on Antonia Bayle – and here she is 🙂

I think she is a very pretty girl of course – I like all of my girls.

So last night Kayyla dinged 10 Inquis, and my impressions are this :  It is very very nice to have a healer that can do some nice dps, it is quite similar to Templar (as expected) which is nice.   I really really enjoyed playing her running around Darklight Woods.  Stargrace thinks I might just be a healer at heart – and I think she is right 🙂

More to come as time goes on 🙂

Happy hunting everyone.

Friends and Family… Tuesday, Jun 26 2007 

One part of my online gaming that I adore is the social interraction.  There are not many other ways that you could simultaneously be communicating with people all over your own country and internationally.

I have been aware of the possible downsides, but have really loved having team speak to be able to talk to my friends in the guild. 

I love logging on each evening and seeing which of my “friends” are also logged on.  I love making a plan and getting together with these friends for an hour or so of fun.  I love that when we get together, the group is better than the sum of the individuals – we can achieve things together that we could never achieve alone.  I love being able to celebrate the positive experiences and comiserate the not so positive together.  I also love that I can also run about Norrath, just pottering by myself and still have a bunch of fun chattering to folks.

I love having a good joke and laugh, and I love that sometimes there are serious things going on in real life and a small word of encouragement from these friends can give you a huge boost.

So Kilanna has now been part of the brave guild Pax Fatalis for 2 months.   I count myself very fortunate to have found such a nice virtual family.  I feel as though I have found a very active group with a philosophy that very much matches my own.  

It is also a little over a month since I joined the small guild Torrent Knights on Antonia Bayle too – and it has been a joy and pleasure spending time with nice people and new friends who enjoy similar things.

 Not much more to say today really – except happy gaming everyone 🙂

To betray or not to betray… Monday, Jun 25 2007 

Well – it is not difficult to guess what my post today is all about.

I have been thinking a little bit about whether or not I should betray my girl to Inquis.  Why have I been thinking about it???  That is a good question 🙂 

I have previously mentioned that one of my good friends in guild has a 70 Inquis.  His Inquis girl (Verity) does darn good dps, and is a darn good healer to boot.

Yesterday in a 2 group raid we had 4 Templars at one point – until one of the guys swapped to his Brigand.  Verity is the only inquis we have in guild, and is an Alt of the raid MT.  I have seen verdict in action and I like it 🙂

On the negative side – I would loose my Sanctuary and Stoneskin, loose my Wis/str buff, and loose the very handy spell that casts a nice group heal when the enemy mob dies.

If I do decide to betray, it will be at the time of the new expansion so I do not have to replace all the spells and gear I have just upgraded.  In the meantime, I will continue to have a lot of fun as a Templar.

The Lyceum – Take 2. Thursday, Jun 21 2007 

Well what fun.

I logged on last night about 45 mins before raid time.  We were going into the Lyceum – so I headed up to Tenebrous Tangle right away.  I did a little harvesting and chatted away with some guild friends while we all began to assemble outside the doors.

And then into the Lyceum we went.

Group set up was different to usual.  I was helping to look after the main assist.   Really I have decided I don’t mind what my job is in the raid – I am just enjoying being there. 

 All in all the evening started off fairly uneventfully – until we got to the very nasty “playful” eyeball grrrrr.  We took our time before the first attempt at him.  We all made our targeting macros and took up positions – strike one and score one to the bunch of very nasty little adds.  Attempt 2 and things went from bad to worse – we had even more of the nasty little adds

Attempt 3 and forget it – we all went down like a tonne of bricks.  A few of our more experienced raiders believed that particular encounter may have been bugged.  I will believe them hehe.

So we then decided to move on to the last encounter to Vilucidae.  He was pretty impressive and the first little while seemed to go well until something happened and the main tank went down from full health to nil in one hit.  I guess he has a death touch eh?

We did however end the evening with some nice aa, and guild status.  Everyone was happy – we had a crack at it – and we were not even 3 full groups.  One day we will get that zone down too 🙂

While I am pretty keen to learn and experience things, it would be interesting to find places where I can read more about how other groups have experienced some of these raid zones.

Happy hunting everyone.

Tuesday night fun in Norrath. Wednesday, Jun 20 2007 

Well Kilanna’s fun in the land of Norrath continued last night.   Kilanna and her companions headed up to the labs as scheduled.  The usual fun and games ensued.

We did not have a full 3 groups but Hooooooray for us we smooshed Vyemm and Prime and danced on their bloody and broken bodies.

Kilanna was back in the dps group this week for raid.  At first I was a bit dissapointed to be split from the MT because we have become quite good friends and group together a lot.  However, as soon as festivities commenced I had a great time.

Last night was I believe raid number nine for Kil.  As such, I am beginning to feel a lot less dazzled by what is happening on screen, and more confident in knowing what I should be focussing on, and getting on with hopefully playing my part better each week.

I had 2 rangers, brigand, Defiler and Dirge in my group.  I gave the rangers and brig my buff that gives them additional health and nice buffs to slashing/piercing damage.  I have completed the blessings line for aa giving an extra 25% to base chance for procs for the group, which is always a rather handy thing.

While looking after the main tank is important, the 2 rangers in my group are generally top DPS on raids.  The brigand was also the only brig on raid so his Dispatch and nice DPS are very important to the raid to.  I knew that I had to look after these boys well.

I managed to go quite a long time without any of my group dying – which is always a good thing.  We did have a few deaths in the last couple of combats.  I don’t think I did anything wrong but have thought about a few other things to try next time.

I am however struck by some irony with the loot last night.  Our raid main tank is sort of new to the role and so is still in the process of working on a few upgrades for his boy.  The second last combat of the night saw a very very nice chest plate drop, that only he or I could use.  It was a decent upgrade for him, and so it was not too difficult for me to decline.  The irony came when Vyemm dropped the Doomrage Breastplate the very next combat:(

Vyemm dropped the very same piece last time we killed him for the previous MT.  The guys could not believe that he dropped the same piece 2 times in a row after the number of times they had already killed him and not seen that pretty thing.  *sigh* perhaps the loot god will smile on me tonight in Lyceum 🙂

Maybe I was silly to decline and not put my hat in for that piece – but my girl already has quite a nice Legendary BP with fewer but MUCH higher resistances.  I figure having a raid MT with all the pretties means the entire raid has more fun.  Plus Kilanna is kind of fond of that big ol’ troll too, and doesn’t want to be like the new kid taking all the best candy 🙂

The start of another week….. Tuesday, Jun 19 2007 

Well I have had a busy few days both online and in the real world so I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday.

Had a fabulous weekend of fun with friends in Norrath and the real world.  My adventures in Norrath were very exciting with introducing my real life friend Sir Kirinor to the giants in Thundering Steppes.  I remember what it was like the first time I saw the giants and it blew my mind – I think Kirinor was similarly impressed 🙂

In other things game related, on Sunday our new raid leader put out a call to ask how many people needed the quest “Speak as a Dragon”  Well of course Kilanna was very excited because she needs it, but never thought it would happen due to the fact it involved Epic mobs.  Well it turns out that there were 10 people needing it in the guild, as pre-requisite for lots of nice quests.  Of course that includes Kilanna’s deity quest as a follower of Tunare.

So those of us who needed the quest assembled in Lavastorm shortly before the allocated start of our raid in Sinking Sands, and completed the first few steps.  This left me up to the step of speaking to Nagafen.

This was before what can only be called a fairly dissapointing raid.  We did the T6 raid Gates of Ahket Aken.  (I hope I have spelt it right).  Unfortunately, we kept being chased around the zone by a very nasty snake and we had a few wipes before deciding to call it quits.

After dinner last night then, I jumped on to check Kilanna’s vendor and decide what to do.  Almost as soon as I jumped on, a few other folks in the guild asked me if I felt like going down to speak to Nagafen to progress the quest.  Isn’t that just the coolest part about being in an active guild 🙂  Now I have spoken to Nagafen, and after checking EQ2i, I see that I will have a lot of running around to do to once I have spoken to the sage.  But that is nice because I have not spent much time in some of those zones where I need to find the runes.  For eg Obelisk of lost souls – I dont even recall if Kilanna has been there at all:)

I also jumped on to my little Dirge girlie last night very briefly with Kirinor.  We finished off the Dwarven Ringmail Tunic HQ.  Nice for Kirinor to complete his first HQ even if it was a bit below his level.  My little girlie also dinged 18 dirge, and finished a couple of guild writs off.  Unfortunately, one of the spawns was a bit of a nuisance to get him to pop, but it was all fun and games and we were victorious in the end 🙂

Tonight will be labs raid.  Tomorrow night may be the Lyceum I think and we will try to get further than last visit.  I personally believe that is what it is all about – if we get together and have some fun, and just get that little bit further to the next named or past the next hurdle.

Happy hunting everyone 🙂

Fabulous Friday Friday, Jun 15 2007 

Well thankfully sanity has returned after my crisis in conscience earlier this week.

The night before last I joined a small band of adventurers to work on AoA x 2 aiming towards AoA x 4 and Deathtoll access for the raid main tank  Currently I think only one other guild member has those access quests which is obviously not the best state of affairs. 

Kilanna was given a very exciting opportunity also and was placed in the main tank group.  I was nervous, but the thing is as soon as we started I was so busy concentrating on what I was doing that it didn’t matter anymore.  Yes I made a couple of mistakes and even managed to get myself killed once – luckily only myself.  We wiped a few times but I don’t really mind because I have only been on a little more than a handful of raids – I think this was raid number 7 or 8 all up.  We have a few very experienced raiders, but many of us are fairly new to the gig and so we are all learning together.

After having some advice from Stargrace, I approached raid healing with MT in a slightly different philosophy.  I was much more closely focused on only my own group and the MT, and went through essences/hearts/shards like there was no tomorrow to help with my power.  I made sure that I cured any and all DoT’s as soon as I saw them as always, I used sanctuary, divine protection and my one temporary buff/ward more often than I have before.  I paid much less attention to what was going on outside my own group compared to previous raids where I was spot healing where ever it was needed.  I just made sure that I was spamming all my reactive and direct heals as needed – both single target and group.  Thank you Profit UI for making it so easy to see what effects were on whom and for which duration.  Also thank you profit UI for single click cures without having to change targets – how did I live before Profit 🙂

Last night was also a wonderful evening of fun.  I grouped with 2 of my closest real life friends and one other guild member.  We managed to get one of my friends Elliara (Wizard) from level 16 all the way up to 20 running around in Blackburrow.  This included a named that I had not seen before which is always good.

I also helped to start my other friend Kirinor on his very first Heritage quest to get the Dwarven work boots – fun:)  The really cool thing is that he is now at exactly the same spot in that quest as one of my husbands toons.  We are up to killing the caveroot horror in Stormhold and then Bloodtalon.  If my memory serves me well BT is like Level 25 Heroic^^^ but smacks pretty hard.  Kirinor is now level 25 and my husbands toon Zhara is level 28.  We should not find it too stressful to finish off his first HQ.  If I am brutally honest it is also pretty cool to feel like the big girl on campus helping others out for once.

Kilanna is now flat broke – with a little over 50gp to her name.  Over the last few weeks I have bought bunches of Adept III’s and one or 2 very reasonably priced Masters  Kilanna now has all but one of her raiding spells at either Adept III or master. I see this as one of the basic things I need to do to prepare my girl for raiding.  When up to 23 other people are committing their time to join you in adventuring for a short while, I see that as just part of the deal.  The market has been kind to me, as have the drops on Raids and Instances. I still have a lot more to invest in her, but she is infinitely better prepared than what she was even a few weeks ago.

I don’t really know what this weekend will bring in my game time – I am sure that there will be the usual fun and perhaps earning some plat 🙂  There is a raid scheduled for Sunday evening, and hopefully a little time to spend with all of my various friends in the real and virtual world.

Have a nice weekend all 🙂

Troubled Tuesday Tuesday, Jun 12 2007 

Today is a bit of a reflective posting.  I find myself all fussed and bothered and thought that perhaps writing about it might help me to make some sense.

It is obvious to anyone who has read even just a couple of my postings that I am enjoying myself immensely at the moment with my EQII.  I have found myself a fabulous guild, made some new friends in game, am loving the opportunity to explore loads of the luscious content and generally having a hoot of a time.

The thing is I logged off last night feeling absolutely ragged – please bear with me as I explain.

I logged on after dinner, and some friends from the guild invited me to join them for a quick quest update in PoA and then a bit of time in HoF.  I had no plans at all at that point and always enjoy grouping with these friends so thought why not.

So group leader had literally only just clicked to lead us into the HoF when – not one or two but THREE real life friends all logged on at a loose end asking me if I wanted to do something.  Well I was enjoying myself of course, but these real life friends have been friends for a very long time.  I felt as though I had let them down by not being available for them, but felt as though it would have been very very poor form to jump from the group just like that.

Shortly after that I also missed another in game friend logging on and felt really badly that I didn’t say hiya till she prodded me.  I am certain that she was not offended and completely understood though.

Of particular concern are 2 of my real life friends – because they are not just any friends but very very precious friends to both my husband and I.  It just seems to me to be a very unfortunate co-incidence that they have both just now joined the game at a time where I am in the middle of what can only be described as a very wild and exciting ride. 

If I am to be brutally honest I am torn between the obvious primary importance of my real life friends, and a desire to be somewhat selfish with how I enjoy the part of my life that is my game time.  Over the last 12 months, but more obviously in the last 2 months I have developed my own in-game community of friends that I do not want to compromise, but I am clear that these should not come at a cost to my family and real world friends.

Last night left me feeling that I was struggling for a healthy balance of real life and virtual life, and it didn’t feel very good.

We did it !! Sunday, Jun 10 2007 

Well it was not the greatest screen shot I grant you – but never the less a very special one.

With very much thanks to the patience of Shadowgeist and Stargrace, I managed to load the profit UI to my game last night. It certainly did require a little bit more than my usual patience 🙂 but it was certainly worth the pay-off.

No matter how much the aesthetics and functionality of the game has been improved by the new UI, that is not the true reason for the posting. A brief examination hopefully give some indications that this is the moment – the very exciting moment – that Kilanna came of age and dinged 70 Templar.

It occured in a brief foray into Deathtoll – we only got as far as the first named guy. As you can see we only had 3 groups and one of them with only 5 members. We were not there to own the zone, but just to have a little bit of a get together somewhere new. We aimed only to go as far as the first named – and we did that.

So now Kilanna does not have the focus of getting to 70 there are indeed a few other things she needs to look at – such as progressing Claymore and Godking and getting those last around 25 aa points.  I have a friend that I am really enjoying helping to level up his pally, and I have already achieved some precious aa from discovery taking him to places I have not been before and killing some nameds I have not done before which is neat. It just goes to show that there really is so much crunchy goodness to enjoy 🙂

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