So here I sit having a late lunch on a Friday afternoon just daydreaming about what this weekend will hold.

My husband and I went into Sydney last night for dinner with my Mother.  She was visiting for business and it was lovely to catch up with her as always.  I am lucky that I am part of a close knit family, and I never get tired of the beauty of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house.    This means that there were no EQ tales to tell from last night.  I did log on to check my vendor and had a quick chat with friends, but no real adventuring.

Kil is sitting on around 50% toward lvl 68 if my memory serves me correctly, and has less than half a level to get her next aa point which will finish her INT aa line and give her the increased casting speed which will be very cool.

If there are some willing participants, I might try and arrange a quick trip into Kaladim and/or Mistmoor Catacombs tonight.  The discovery aa and nameds should be enough to give me that aa point.  If we go to MMC there may even be some reasonable enough xp to put me well enough on my way to 68 Templar.

That is my aim for this weekend – I really really want to ding 68 Templar so I can wear my pretty fabled gear that I have sitting in the bank. 

Also on the cards for this weekend will likely be some time on a toon I have not mentioned before.  I have an assassin called Selara, but I also have a Shadowknight called Selarra.  She is only lvl 8 and is still sitting on the Outpost of the overlord.  What can I say – I am terrible with Alt-itis but never really planned to play her really so I didn’t ever mention her before.

I have mentioned the Drow of the Underdark campaign that my husband has been running for our little group (Pen and Paper D&D).  Well 2 of the players from that campaign have rolled new Dark Elf toons in EQII based on our Pen and Paper characters.  My character in that camplaign is a Drow Blackguard which equates pretty close with the Shadowknight, so she might get a game after all 🙂  We are intending to get together online at some point over this weekend.   I am absolutely looking forward to us all having a real hoot. 

The group will be sensational IMO.  I will be Selarra the Shadowknight tanking the group.  I am sure my husband will bring either his bruiser or a rogue for some additional DPS.  Our friends have made a Wizard and an Inquisitor.   Doesn’t it sound way cool??