Well Monday morning again….   I had a very mixed weekend online this weekend. 

Friday night was awesome.  I was pretty tired, but Verity encouraged me to come for a quick run around into the Vaults – an instance I had not been to before.  This had 2 very very welcome results.  Kilanna dinged 68 and now proudly wears her first fabled gear that was sitting in the bank for her.  The boost to her stats is astounding.  I am sure it will make a huge difference to her in raiding.  In addition, she also finished that last aa point to complete her INT line. 

This was followed up by quite a negative experience on Sat night.  Verity and I grouped with someone from outside the guild to go into Kaladim.  I had never been there and was interested to see what it was like and all I will say is yikes.  We were seriously under resourced with only 3 of us.  Another of our guildies joined us and yet we were still underpowered.   The negative part of this experience though was a comment from the group colleague from outside the guild.  He made a comment that suggested he thought I was not doing my job.  OK well I guess I just need to harden up and develop a thicker skin – but unfortunately it actually tainted the rest of my evening. 

Well I put that experience aside for what it was, and Sunday night game time was once again a lot of fun.  We ran through CoV and the tank got his class piece drop from Valdoon which he needed so that was all good.  I also had my first trip into Mistmoor Catacombs for adventuring.  More AA but it is quite a bit tougher than CoV.  We were not a full group so decided to call out after a short while because we were a bit underpowered.

Afterwards one of my closest friends in real life logged on with his Pally Kirinor.   He was lvl 16 so I thought a small trip into Blackburrow for the 2 of us might work.  And boy did it work – in a little over an hour of slayage 3 dings were had by Kirinor!!  And we also got him his first legendary piece which made the trip all worthwhile 🙂  The legendary chest popped from just a trash mob – and the nameds dropped vendor trash hehe – no telling sometimes.

Now it will be interesting to see what this week holds for Kilanna.  She is now almost 70% into 68 – so I am pretty sure that she will ding 69 this week. 

There was some news running through the guild last night which troubled a few members.  It would appear that the raid MT may have moved to another server – specificall a PvP server.  He had discussed this with the guild leadership previously, but I understood he had decided to stay.  It appears that he may have now changed his mind.  We will all miss him but I for one wish him well if that it what he has decided to do.  

What then remains is for the guild to determine new dynamics for raiding if this is the case.   Even though I am only brand new to raiding, I would venture to opine that the loss of raid MT is significant, although I do not see it as a catastrophe necessarily.    Surely we will just need to support whomever steps into the role.  We have a couple of other tanks in the guild that are pretty well geared up already even if not quite as well as the current MT.