Well last night was an eventfull night for Kilanna.

Confirmation came from the guild leader that the raid Main Tank had indeed moved servers.  No gripes, no personal animosity just wanted to go to a more hard core raiding guild.   While this will leave a hole in our raid force for a little while to be sure, I wish him well and hope that he settles into his new home.

It is a little over a month since I moved guilds in order to foster continued enjoyment of my favourite game, and believe everyone has the right to do the same.

On the plus side – my new friend from the guild (Verity) has a well kitted out 70 Guardian called Wazza who is now going to step into the role of raid main tank.  I am probably biased because I enjoy grouping with him, but am excited for him. 

So after Wazza had respeced his AA’s, we set about getting him some quest updates for aa.  We went up into PoA with a nice little group of 5 and bummed around for around 2 hours.   We only had one wipe when we got completely mobbed in one room.  We knew it was a risk before we went in so we took it on the chin and moved on 🙂

Well I could barely contain my excitement or surprise when DING 69 !!!  I had been so busy concentrating on healing I hardly noticed how close I was 🙂

I am absolutely thrilled obviously, but can hardly believe the rate of progress.  It is just that doing instance runs or nights of quest updates has been incredibly fruitfull with xp.  So last night alone gave me just over 30% adventure level xp.  I have not done any grinding at all – it has been either quest updates for myself or helping guildmates with their own quest updates. 

Tonight will be labs raid if we have enough folks log on.   Now that I wear my fabled gear, and with my main spells at Adept III or Master, I have come a long way towards preparing myself for raiding.   I dont mind if raiding is only once per week – that is fine by me actually.   I have had to negotiate with my husband to accomodate this one night.  Typically,  we get home between 6.30 and 7pm from work.  Raids start at 7.30 and I like to be up at the labs before 7.20 so I am ready and respectful of the other 23 people who have committed their time to be there.  This does not leave a lot of time for dinner and other real life stuff but that is OK if it is only one night per week.