For anyone who lives in Australia they will understand when I say aye carrumba BIGPOND.

For those of you who dont – BIGPOND is the ISP associated with the largest telephone network in the country, and have at times been questioned regarding their anti-compeditive business conduct.

Well last night while we were in the middle of the labs raid – we lost 5 players LD all at the same time. All from that same ISP. Needless to say it pretty quickly broke the raid up. Oh well we will make up for it tonight.

This gave me a chance to group for a little while with some guildies and mentor some low lvl toons in the wailing caves – which works out nicely cos Kil has never been there before. So Kil got some precious aa and my friend Kirinor dinged 20 Palladin which was great for him 🙂

It also gave me an opportunity to chatter a little while with Stargrace about the fun she has been having at the festival on AB so it was a nice mellow evening.

If we get enough folks we will be raiding Lyceum instead of Labs tonight we think.