Well – last night was a bit of a buzz for Kilanna.  She had her first trip into Lyceum so she has begun exploring another new place.  Always good for a spot of nice aa 🙂

We only had 3 groups in the raid, so we only got as far as the nasty named mob with the fear effect (Sorry complete nOOb moment don’t remember his name).  He was nasty because he has 4 or 5 heroic friends, and a very nasty fear and knockback too.  He also jumps back to 10 or 20% hit points when you get him down to 1%.  We wiped 3 times  but on the 4th attempt we got him deader than dead 🙂

Even though it was a relatively short adventure – I was absolutely buzzing with excitement.  The bad side of this was the fact that I was still sitting chatting to other players at Midnight my time 😦  Hrmm better not let that happen again in case it starts to interfere with real life I think!

I continue to be thrilled with my decision to move Kilanna to her new guild.  It has exceeded my wildest dreams of finding new friends to enjoy new content with.  The group are a nice mix of folks with a pretty good attitude toward the game IMO.  Wanting to do new things and see new things but taking care to not go so far as to make it a chore or unfun.  It is certainly NOT a hard core raid guild by any means and that is just fine with me 🙂

We have a holiday weekend coming up this weekend.  It is due to be a cold, damp weekend – and I love that weather.  Curled up  under a blanket with a good book or watching a good DVD.  A nice glass of red wine in front of the fire after a nice hearty dinner 🙂   

My poor PC has been suffering from some terrible performance the last month or so.  My husband suggests this is because it has not had a rebuild or much TLC for more than 4 years (although I did get an upgrade to my graphics card during that time).  He has kindly offered to rebuild it at some point over this weekend since we have a little extra time.  I am not looking forward to that mammoth re-patching of EQII though.

My apologies for the incoherant ramble today – perhaps something to do with a lack of sleep 😦