Well it was not the greatest screen shot I grant you – but never the less a very special one.

With very much thanks to the patience of Shadowgeist and Stargrace, I managed to load the profit UI to my game last night. It certainly did require a little bit more than my usual patience 🙂 but it was certainly worth the pay-off.

No matter how much the aesthetics and functionality of the game has been improved by the new UI, that is not the true reason for the posting. A brief examination hopefully give some indications that this is the moment – the very exciting moment – that Kilanna came of age and dinged 70 Templar.

It occured in a brief foray into Deathtoll – we only got as far as the first named guy. As you can see we only had 3 groups and one of them with only 5 members. We were not there to own the zone, but just to have a little bit of a get together somewhere new. We aimed only to go as far as the first named – and we did that.

So now Kilanna does not have the focus of getting to 70 there are indeed a few other things she needs to look at – such as progressing Claymore and Godking and getting those last around 25 aa points.  I have a friend that I am really enjoying helping to level up his pally, and I have already achieved some precious aa from discovery taking him to places I have not been before and killing some nameds I have not done before which is neat. It just goes to show that there really is so much crunchy goodness to enjoy 🙂