Well thankfully sanity has returned after my crisis in conscience earlier this week.

The night before last I joined a small band of adventurers to work on AoA x 2 aiming towards AoA x 4 and Deathtoll access for the raid main tank  Currently I think only one other guild member has those access quests which is obviously not the best state of affairs. 

Kilanna was given a very exciting opportunity also and was placed in the main tank group.  I was nervous, but the thing is as soon as we started I was so busy concentrating on what I was doing that it didn’t matter anymore.  Yes I made a couple of mistakes and even managed to get myself killed once – luckily only myself.  We wiped a few times but I don’t really mind because I have only been on a little more than a handful of raids – I think this was raid number 7 or 8 all up.  We have a few very experienced raiders, but many of us are fairly new to the gig and so we are all learning together.

After having some advice from Stargrace, I approached raid healing with MT in a slightly different philosophy.  I was much more closely focused on only my own group and the MT, and went through essences/hearts/shards like there was no tomorrow to help with my power.  I made sure that I cured any and all DoT’s as soon as I saw them as always, I used sanctuary, divine protection and my one temporary buff/ward more often than I have before.  I paid much less attention to what was going on outside my own group compared to previous raids where I was spot healing where ever it was needed.  I just made sure that I was spamming all my reactive and direct heals as needed – both single target and group.  Thank you Profit UI for making it so easy to see what effects were on whom and for which duration.  Also thank you profit UI for single click cures without having to change targets – how did I live before Profit 🙂

Last night was also a wonderful evening of fun.  I grouped with 2 of my closest real life friends and one other guild member.  We managed to get one of my friends Elliara (Wizard) from level 16 all the way up to 20 running around in Blackburrow.  This included a named that I had not seen before which is always good.

I also helped to start my other friend Kirinor on his very first Heritage quest to get the Dwarven work boots – fun:)  The really cool thing is that he is now at exactly the same spot in that quest as one of my husbands toons.  We are up to killing the caveroot horror in Stormhold and then Bloodtalon.  If my memory serves me well BT is like Level 25 Heroic^^^ but smacks pretty hard.  Kirinor is now level 25 and my husbands toon Zhara is level 28.  We should not find it too stressful to finish off his first HQ.  If I am brutally honest it is also pretty cool to feel like the big girl on campus helping others out for once.

Kilanna is now flat broke – with a little over 50gp to her name.  Over the last few weeks I have bought bunches of Adept III’s and one or 2 very reasonably priced Masters  Kilanna now has all but one of her raiding spells at either Adept III or master. I see this as one of the basic things I need to do to prepare my girl for raiding.  When up to 23 other people are committing their time to join you in adventuring for a short while, I see that as just part of the deal.  The market has been kind to me, as have the drops on Raids and Instances. I still have a lot more to invest in her, but she is infinitely better prepared than what she was even a few weeks ago.

I don’t really know what this weekend will bring in my game time – I am sure that there will be the usual fun and perhaps earning some plat 🙂  There is a raid scheduled for Sunday evening, and hopefully a little time to spend with all of my various friends in the real and virtual world.

Have a nice weekend all 🙂