Well I have had a busy few days both online and in the real world so I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday.

Had a fabulous weekend of fun with friends in Norrath and the real world.  My adventures in Norrath were very exciting with introducing my real life friend Sir Kirinor to the giants in Thundering Steppes.  I remember what it was like the first time I saw the giants and it blew my mind – I think Kirinor was similarly impressed 🙂

In other things game related, on Sunday our new raid leader put out a call to ask how many people needed the quest “Speak as a Dragon”  Well of course Kilanna was very excited because she needs it, but never thought it would happen due to the fact it involved Epic mobs.  Well it turns out that there were 10 people needing it in the guild, as pre-requisite for lots of nice quests.  Of course that includes Kilanna’s deity quest as a follower of Tunare.

So those of us who needed the quest assembled in Lavastorm shortly before the allocated start of our raid in Sinking Sands, and completed the first few steps.  This left me up to the step of speaking to Nagafen.

This was before what can only be called a fairly dissapointing raid.  We did the T6 raid Gates of Ahket Aken.  (I hope I have spelt it right).  Unfortunately, we kept being chased around the zone by a very nasty snake and we had a few wipes before deciding to call it quits.

After dinner last night then, I jumped on to check Kilanna’s vendor and decide what to do.  Almost as soon as I jumped on, a few other folks in the guild asked me if I felt like going down to speak to Nagafen to progress the quest.  Isn’t that just the coolest part about being in an active guild 🙂  Now I have spoken to Nagafen, and after checking EQ2i, I see that I will have a lot of running around to do to once I have spoken to the sage.  But that is nice because I have not spent much time in some of those zones where I need to find the runes.  For eg Obelisk of lost souls – I dont even recall if Kilanna has been there at all:)

I also jumped on to my little Dirge girlie last night very briefly with Kirinor.  We finished off the Dwarven Ringmail Tunic HQ.  Nice for Kirinor to complete his first HQ even if it was a bit below his level.  My little girlie also dinged 18 dirge, and finished a couple of guild writs off.  Unfortunately, one of the spawns was a bit of a nuisance to get him to pop, but it was all fun and games and we were victorious in the end 🙂

Tonight will be labs raid.  Tomorrow night may be the Lyceum I think and we will try to get further than last visit.  I personally believe that is what it is all about – if we get together and have some fun, and just get that little bit further to the next named or past the next hurdle.

Happy hunting everyone 🙂