Well Kilanna’s fun in the land of Norrath continued last night.   Kilanna and her companions headed up to the labs as scheduled.  The usual fun and games ensued.

We did not have a full 3 groups but Hooooooray for us we smooshed Vyemm and Prime and danced on their bloody and broken bodies.

Kilanna was back in the dps group this week for raid.  At first I was a bit dissapointed to be split from the MT because we have become quite good friends and group together a lot.  However, as soon as festivities commenced I had a great time.

Last night was I believe raid number nine for Kil.  As such, I am beginning to feel a lot less dazzled by what is happening on screen, and more confident in knowing what I should be focussing on, and getting on with hopefully playing my part better each week.

I had 2 rangers, brigand, Defiler and Dirge in my group.  I gave the rangers and brig my buff that gives them additional health and nice buffs to slashing/piercing damage.  I have completed the blessings line for aa giving an extra 25% to base chance for procs for the group, which is always a rather handy thing.

While looking after the main tank is important, the 2 rangers in my group are generally top DPS on raids.  The brigand was also the only brig on raid so his Dispatch and nice DPS are very important to the raid to.  I knew that I had to look after these boys well.

I managed to go quite a long time without any of my group dying – which is always a good thing.  We did have a few deaths in the last couple of combats.  I don’t think I did anything wrong but have thought about a few other things to try next time.

I am however struck by some irony with the loot last night.  Our raid main tank is sort of new to the role and so is still in the process of working on a few upgrades for his boy.  The second last combat of the night saw a very very nice chest plate drop, that only he or I could use.  It was a decent upgrade for him, and so it was not too difficult for me to decline.  The irony came when Vyemm dropped the Doomrage Breastplate the very next combat:(

Vyemm dropped the very same piece last time we killed him for the previous MT.  The guys could not believe that he dropped the same piece 2 times in a row after the number of times they had already killed him and not seen that pretty thing.  *sigh* perhaps the loot god will smile on me tonight in Lyceum 🙂

Maybe I was silly to decline and not put my hat in for that piece – but my girl already has quite a nice Legendary BP with fewer but MUCH higher resistances.  I figure having a raid MT with all the pretties means the entire raid has more fun.  Plus Kilanna is kind of fond of that big ol’ troll too, and doesn’t want to be like the new kid taking all the best candy 🙂