Well what fun.

I logged on last night about 45 mins before raid time.  We were going into the Lyceum – so I headed up to Tenebrous Tangle right away.  I did a little harvesting and chatted away with some guild friends while we all began to assemble outside the doors.

And then into the Lyceum we went.

Group set up was different to usual.  I was helping to look after the main assist.   Really I have decided I don’t mind what my job is in the raid – I am just enjoying being there. 

 All in all the evening started off fairly uneventfully – until we got to the very nasty “playful” eyeball grrrrr.  We took our time before the first attempt at him.  We all made our targeting macros and took up positions – strike one and score one to the bunch of very nasty little adds.  Attempt 2 and things went from bad to worse – we had even more of the nasty little adds

Attempt 3 and forget it – we all went down like a tonne of bricks.  A few of our more experienced raiders believed that particular encounter may have been bugged.  I will believe them hehe.

So we then decided to move on to the last encounter to Vilucidae.  He was pretty impressive and the first little while seemed to go well until something happened and the main tank went down from full health to nil in one hit.  I guess he has a death touch eh?

We did however end the evening with some nice aa, and guild status.  Everyone was happy – we had a crack at it – and we were not even 3 full groups.  One day we will get that zone down too 🙂

While I am pretty keen to learn and experience things, it would be interesting to find places where I can read more about how other groups have experienced some of these raid zones.

Happy hunting everyone.