Well – it is not difficult to guess what my post today is all about.

I have been thinking a little bit about whether or not I should betray my girl to Inquis.  Why have I been thinking about it???  That is a good question 🙂 

I have previously mentioned that one of my good friends in guild has a 70 Inquis.  His Inquis girl (Verity) does darn good dps, and is a darn good healer to boot.

Yesterday in a 2 group raid we had 4 Templars at one point – until one of the guys swapped to his Brigand.  Verity is the only inquis we have in guild, and is an Alt of the raid MT.  I have seen verdict in action and I like it 🙂

On the negative side – I would loose my Sanctuary and Stoneskin, loose my Wis/str buff, and loose the very handy spell that casts a nice group heal when the enemy mob dies.

If I do decide to betray, it will be at the time of the new expansion so I do not have to replace all the spells and gear I have just upgraded.  In the meantime, I will continue to have a lot of fun as a Templar.