One part of my online gaming that I adore is the social interraction.  There are not many other ways that you could simultaneously be communicating with people all over your own country and internationally.

I have been aware of the possible downsides, but have really loved having team speak to be able to talk to my friends in the guild. 

I love logging on each evening and seeing which of my “friends” are also logged on.  I love making a plan and getting together with these friends for an hour or so of fun.  I love that when we get together, the group is better than the sum of the individuals – we can achieve things together that we could never achieve alone.  I love being able to celebrate the positive experiences and comiserate the not so positive together.  I also love that I can also run about Norrath, just pottering by myself and still have a bunch of fun chattering to folks.

I love having a good joke and laugh, and I love that sometimes there are serious things going on in real life and a small word of encouragement from these friends can give you a huge boost.

So Kilanna has now been part of the brave guild Pax Fatalis for 2 months.   I count myself very fortunate to have found such a nice virtual family.  I feel as though I have found a very active group with a philosophy that very much matches my own.  

It is also a little over a month since I joined the small guild Torrent Knights on Antonia Bayle too – and it has been a joy and pleasure spending time with nice people and new friends who enjoy similar things.

 Not much more to say today really – except happy gaming everyone 🙂