A couple of days ago I mentioned that I have been considering whether or not to betray Kilanna to Inquis at the next expansion.

To help me make up my mind whether I would like the class or not – I have made up a new baby Inquis on Antonia Bayle – and here she is 🙂

I think she is a very pretty girl of course – I like all of my girls.

So last night Kayyla dinged 10 Inquis, and my impressions are this :  It is very very nice to have a healer that can do some nice dps, it is quite similar to Templar (as expected) which is nice.   I really really enjoyed playing her running around Darklight Woods.  Stargrace thinks I might just be a healer at heart – and I think she is right 🙂

More to come as time goes on 🙂

Happy hunting everyone.