Last night after dinner I logged on to Kilanna & quickly checked her vendor.  It was a very quiet night in guild, so I rocked on over to AB server and played Kayyla for a little while.

After completing a few quests, my new baby girlie dinged 2 aa points and lvl 12 Inquis.  Almost right at that point Wazza logged on & it was decided we would have a quick run into Kaladim to finish his deity quest – so I swapped right back to Kil.

Our group consisted of Guardian, Brig, Fury and my Templar girl.

OK so I freely admit to having a soft spot for that big ol’ troll guardian.  But boy do I love healing together with a Fury.  Our strengths are so complementary – the nice big heals of the Templar together with the much faster, smaller and more frequent heals of the Fury.  Our cures and wards – it was just awesome.

There was one point where we were invis and preparing for a combat.  Unfortunately, a very unexpected roamer that could see invis popped into the room and chaos reigned.  I swear to you we had around 6 or 7 nasty heroic ^^^ or ^^.  All I can say is WOW.

Kilanna kicked in her Divine recovery giving the group improved cast and recovery times for a little over 26 secs – the healers got the guard up to health &  got the debuffs going.   The brig got his dispatch off and hit with awesome dps.  It was a tough tough fight and at the end we just all went WOW.  I didn’t think we could make it and had used up all of my emergency heals/wards – but all those nasty critters lay dead at our feet while we all still stood.

Afterwards – we were just chatting over teamspeak about how cool that combat was.  About how it pushed us and shows us just what our toons are capable of achieving.   THAT is another reason why I love this game 🙂