Well – I expected it would happen at some stage. Kilanna has been lvl 70 for a little over a month now.  I have floated through much of this month in game just soaking up new zones and new friendships. 

But last night I felt different.  I have not lost any sense of enjoyment or enthusiasm, but I am starting to feel as though I want to set myself some little in game goals – give my girl some direction, get to know more about some of those signature quest lines like Claymore and Godking.  I want to get my deity quests done and want to finish a few HQ’s. 

I guess that I had just never ever imagined that I would be doing those sorts of quests when I was mostly running around by myself, so I never really bothered looking into it before.  In some ways I am embarrased next to my new in game friends who obviously know much more of the lore of the game and much more of the content.  But now I am comfortable in the knowledge that I am part of a small but active guild family, and have new friends so I am regularly going to have company for questing.

Unfortunately, our raid to Courts last night was cancelled due to lack of numbers, but that was still fine.  Instead I went with 2 friends into SoS and managed to advance my Claymore quest line and also got an update for Hooluk hat.

Also got a few of the runes for Speak as a Dragon just before we went to SoS – so that was nice.  I noticed that a couple of the updates are in the Obelisk of Lost Souls and needs an access quest – so another little side track to get that done.

Aside from that, this weekend I bummed around a little on my new little Inquis girlie and had a ball.  I have switched off her combat xp so I can get as much aa xp as possible for her at low lvls.  She has now hit lvl 13 Inquis and has 5 aa points.  I took about half an hour to get her doing some crafting.  She is now lvl 12 Sage and has upgraded all her own spells too. 

I also managed to find a blackened iron cluster and Shadowgeist very very kindly made her a new hammer which she wields proudly 🙂

Finally, a little bit of crafting with Selara and managed to get her to lvl 42 Alchemist.  I hope that if I can get her a little higher, she can craft poisons and potions that can give me a stable in game cash flow which will be very nice indeed 🙂