Well last night was another lovely little mix once I got online.

Continuing to work on Claymore, I headed up to PoA with some guildmates for a little while.  My good friend in guild was really down after a bad day, so I hope I helped him to feel better healing for his tank while he smacked things 🙂

There were only 4 of us – I was the only healer.  I had to be a bit careful with my power use since I was the only healer, but I didn’t have any trouble keeping us up.  I died once when we were running between two climb walls and I unexpectedly managed to take aggro.  I died right as I got to the second wall 😦

Unfortunately our named for the update was a little stubborn and would not pop so we called it a night very early.

At that point, I decided to check the vendor for some collectibles.  I spent about 20gp and surprisingly finished 5 collection quests giving me 35% toward my next aa which was superb considering 20gp is such small change.  Being the little housing item enthusiast that I am, I was quite excited that one of the collection quest rewards was a Droag Gazing Orb – Rent reduction 525 🙂

To finish off another fun evening , I quickly logged across to my alchemist girl and got her to 43.

While I was happily crafting away, Stargrace logged on and showed me her new pretty that she has for her healer girl from the Sword or Destiny quest line.  Kilanna immediately fell in love with its pretty stats, especially the +75 to heal 🙂   Right now, Kil wields the Adamantine hammer she won on her first night in Labs.  It is a mighty fine smacking hammer, but I just cant resist the look of that +75 to heals 🙂

I feel inspired to start the first chapters of that quest line when I have some time.  Right now however, I want to focus on progressing Claymore along with my guild mates when I have company.  I want to finish one of the great storylines.  I only got about 1/3 of the way through the godking chain – and will probably pick it up again at some point.

So tonight we have Labs raid scheduled and tomorrow we have Lyceum.  Hopefully we will have enough people able to attend at least Labs.  Winter flu seems to be temporarily thinning the guild ranks at the moment 😦

Happy hunting everyone.