OK – so we are over the Mid week hump and are on the downhill run to the weekend Hoooooooray 🙂

Tuesday night saw the guild raiding into labs.  It was a superb evening.  I was looking after the dps boys which was great fun but can be a tough gig if one of them happens to pull aggro from MT.  Once again we managed to go quite a while before anyone died at all, which is always good. 

We had some very happy folks with some nice shiny loot drops.  The MT got a nice Helm, there was a gorgeous staff for the mages, a relic chain piece and relic leather boots.  In general the plate wearers didn’t get much love – but we have had a good run the last few weeks so all is fair.  I forgot to mention last week that the loot gods smiled on Kil and she got the breastplate that she had declined for MT the week before 🙂

As expected, State of Origin football game last night combined with winter flus meant we didn’t have enough for LoA raid.  After Monday night being all about Kil’s Claymore updates, last night I healed for the MT to get his next Claymore update.  So we headed to PoA and for the Skylord.

There were just 3 of us – MT (my friend Wazza), a Dirge and myself.  We did just fine with 3 of us.  I love grouping with Dirges – the regen is just fabulous 🙂   At one point we had a little bit of a problem when we managed to pull 4 mobs and had to run for the climb wall.  Otherwise, no real excitement, just patience clearing the room and waiting for him to pop.

We will have to do the same all over again for Kil when she gets up to that part.  Wazza linked his new piece that he got from completing the quest – and Kil is VERY much looking forward to getting there.

I was chatting with Wazza last night too about Stargrace’s new reward from Sword of Destiny. He has very kindly offered to do the quests with Kil to help her get her very own +75 to heals Legendary shiny hammer.  I am sure he will get some nice stuff as well, but it is kind of him to offer and I know he is genuinely quite happy to help.   I have decided to finish Claymore first – one goal at a time 🙂

Each evening I usually get the chance to chatter a little with Stargrace.  With time differences, she is generally logging on around the time I should be thinking about winding up for the evening.  I feel like an excited schoolgirl chatting away with her which is lovely – and last night was no different. 

Wazza and Stargrace always brighten my day.  It is always nice to chat and just generally muck around killing stuff together.  I continue to count myself as a very lucky girl for having found such a nice guild and online group of friends.

Happy hunting everyone 🙂