For those who have done the quest, the very words may send you running lol.

My regular group of friends didn’t log on til quite late last night.  I had already started to collect my runes for the last step of the quest last week, so Kil siezed on the opportunity to finish off some more.

Well all I can say is thanks be to the quest gods of EQ2i for info on where to find the runes.  I managed last night to collect quite a few, so now all I need are the one in Freeport, the 3 in OoLS and the 2 in Sol Eye.  Definitely do-able but I have to say I am not enjoying it, and I wonder what that says about me as a player.

Now I have no problems with signature quests being long and involved and complicated.  But it feels frustrating running to around 20 zones for the runes as part of a language quest.  I am preparing myself for an even bigger version of this when I get into Chapter 2 of the Sword of Destiny quests (where there are 50 statues to collect), but somehow that feels OK as part of such an epic quest line for me.

I dont know whether I am alone in feeling this – but I really think this quest is far too much for what it is – a language quest.

There are so many T7 quests requiring that you can speak/understand dragon, and also for example the Tunare deity quest requires it.  But for such a pre-requisite quest to require killing epic mobs and sooooo much running around for a language – just doesn’t feel right.

Compare this quest for example to Heritage quests where I am rewarded for considerable effort with an item, and coin and status – I don’t know maybe I am missing something, but it just does not seem equitable.

Once again, I have no problem with signature quests being complex, long and difficult – but this particular quest seems like a forced timesink to me.  It is not even that I feel we always have to be rewarded in game with phat lewtz – I am happy to quest for a variety of things such as languages, house items, or whatever – but this just feels like so much effort for simply a language quest. 

Thank goodness Kil’s guild put together a raid group to take the epic mob or there is no way I could even contemplate it.  /end rant 🙂

So the weekend is at hand, and I am really looking forward to it as always. 

In the real world, I am preparing for a business trip next week.  My husband and I are planning to have a nice afternoon out just the two of us since I am going to be away for almost a week.  I am very much looking forward to that.  I live in the mountains to the west of Sydney, which is a very beautiful part of Australia, so there are plenty of options for a nice long lunch/ walk / afternoon tea 🙂

In game, I am going to try and get the last few runes for speaking dragon, perhaps a claymore and/or Hooluk hat update, or some crafting, and maybe a little fun questing solo on my baby Inquis on Antonia Bayle.   Absolutely adore the extra dps of the inquis class – makes it real fun for soloing.  It helps that she has reasonable gear, a nice new hammer (thanks again Shadowgeist), and spells at Adept III.

I also notice we have a new blogger in the community from the Southern Hemisphere who plays at the same silly hours as I do – welcome Selaici 🙂  

Have a great weekend and happy gaming everyone.