*sigh* Monday morning rolls around too quicky doesn’t it 🙂

This week is going to be a huge week for me in the real world – travelling for work I will be away from home for 5 days.  *gasp*  no EQ for 5 days – what will I do?? 😛

So I had quite a busy weekend with getting ready and making sure my husband will be all set for a fun few batchelor days while I am away.  In between time, I had more than a little bit of fun in game while I set about getting a few things done.

A couple of friends in guild had some things they wanted to get done in SoS on Friday night so yay for Kil – we got a group together and I managed to progress Claymore by 2 quests.

Saturday saw Kil joining some friends to assist them in PoA with an update of their own.  We were trying to pop the Skylord again and it was just as well we were having fun chattering over teamspeak or that could have been quite frustrating.

Then on Sunday I logged on a little while before the scheduled raid.  My little alchi girl almost got herself to level 44 Alchemist, but sadly ran out of supplies so she needs to send Kil out for some harvesting which I rather enjoy.  Our raid didn’t happen as scheduled, but once again that was perfectly OK.

Very generously, at that point the guild leader took me down to Obelisk of Lost Souls to get those couple of runes she needed for her Dragon Speak – only took like 10 mins since he knew where to take me.  After that – a few of the guild did a run through HoF.  Once again yay for my girl.  This gave her the updates she needed for her Hooluk Hat.  Now all she needs to do is sneak back into an instance of the nest.

It was the most amazing run through HoF.  We moved so quickly it was a buzz.  My friend Wazza was tanking the group, and Kil was the only healer. 

There was a couple of occasions where we grabbed an add – and one in particular where I thought for sure Wazza was going to go down.  But thankfully he didn’t – we only had one dps death the entire instance, so I felt pretty good about having played my part.

I was completely blown away by that room in HoF that has like about 20 drakes in.  Well I might be exaggerating just slightly but there certainly were a few 🙂  I have only been in there one time, so didn’t know it was coming.  However, it really wasn’t a big deal with all health bars remaining green through the entire combat. 

I absolutely love the spell Supplicating Fate.  Costs very little power to cast, has a great recast time, and gives a group heal of up to a little over 1000 when the targeted mob dies.   It was the greatest assett during that fight, and in fact is one of my preferred spells in any combat.

After the blistering fast instance, the group broke up and it was still quite early.  So I took that as the opportunity to run down into Sol Eye and get the last 2 runes I needed for my dragon speak.   I was then very fortunate to have the opportunity to mentor a guildmate for hand in.  Woot 20% aa and Kil can now speak dragon. 

All in all quite an action packed weekend.  It was a tremendous ammount of fun and I managed to do everything I was hoping to and more.

Anyhow, hope everyone has a great week.  Happy gaming and look forward to catching up next week 🙂