Last night was quite distracted with some very significant real life worries – but in between I did manage to get in a little fun in game.  A few of the guys in guild are working towards MoA raid, and it so happens that Kil and 3 other members of the guild are all at the same point.  How convenient you hear me say 🙂

So last night we found ourselves headed to SoS to advance the quest a wee bitty which was always fun.  We had my Friend Wazza as always, the raid MA tank, guild leader on his dirge, the friendly guild brig and one of the guilds Rangers played his Mystic alt.

A very nice group of folks and a very nice combination of characters too 🙂  We had little or no trouble in advancing at all in SoS.  We then jumped across to PoA and continued the fun and games for a short while.

These few dings for quest updates gave Kil her 85th aa point.  She was able to put her first aa into increasing the duration of Sanctuary – which is ALWAYS a good thing 🙂

Speaking of aa – one of the fellows in guild was suggesting that I look at the Cleric Agi line for Kil.  The end result is a nice ability to avoid AoE for around 30 seconds, and the line has some other benefits such as additional opportunities for shield use.  I agree that this would be a very helpful ability that can be cast on a friend – so I could use it to give Wazza some extra Avoidance benefits there when we are in groups. 

However, I have to think very carefully about this because I would have to sacrifice one of my current aa lines that I am very happy with.  I would have to give up the Sta line that gives me additional chances for crit mellee/heals, or the Int line that gives me Divine Recovery.   For the occasional benefit it would give Wazza when we group, I am not sure if it is worth Kil sacrificing one of those lines.  

I feel that it could make her a less effective healer, particularly in raids.  Maybe I might be missing some of the significance of what the benefit would mean to Wazza so I will chat with him tonight.   Because we group together most nights I am really quite happy to look at changing if it will benefit the group – but I think he will prefer me to have a higher chance to crit heal and to have Divine Recovery while I am watching his back 🙂

We had finished up in PoA quite early,  so this gave me the chance to partake of my much loved crafting while chatting with Stargrace – thanks again girl for listening.   I got my Alchemist girl up to lvl 46 and made some potions for Kil to use in Labs raid tonight.  I have set myself a very lofty goal of getting all my crafters up to 70 before the expansion.  I don’t think it will happen but I will give it a darn good shot.

Anyhow – enough rambling for today – happy hunting all 🙂