With the lack of folks on Tuesday night, our Labs run had been postponed till last night.  We all were assembled some 15 mins before scheduled time and into the labs we went. 

We successfully finished the zone but it was just one of those nights where it was quite messy and we could not work out why.   We wiped 3 times to the Corsolander, and had trouble pulling Vyemm – but once we pulled Vyemm we had a lot less trouble with him than that nasty basalisk.  Prime was just a tasty snack to finish the night off.

Kil won lotto for a pretty set of plate gloves that dropped – they were quite a decent upgrade for her which was nice.

After the raid I was a little wired so I popped across to Kayyla for a little more fun and games on the baby Inquisitor before bed.

My reasons for making her up were to check out the Inquisitor class to help decide if I was going to betray Kil.  I have decided that I wont betray my girl, but not because I don’t like the Inquisitor. In fact I love the Inquisitor class. She plays very comfortably similar to the Templar and yet different. Her dps is very lovely compared to Kil, so she is very enjoyable to play solo.

Kilanna was born as a Pen and Paper character 15 years ago and is good aligned. To change her now would not seem right 🙂 In addition, I really really like a few of the class abilities of Templar that I would be very sad to give up – my blessings aa (extra 25% for group proc’s), my group heal when target mob dies, stoneskin, sanctuary, extra damage against undead.  Kil now has no shortage of chances for grouping in her new guild – so she has no reason to worry about her low dps any more.

On the other hand, Inquisitors Verdict and the ability to cause fear to mobs in AoE are still very very tempting along with the lovely dps. I have had quite a good look at the Inquis AA lines too and they are very appealing.

So far my little girl is only lvl 15 so I am definitely only getting started on her. She has completed around 80 quests and has 8 almost 9 aa points – I have had her combat xp switched off almost the whole time since I dinged lvl 11.   She is about to move out from Darklight woods into Commonlands.  I am making a point of doing all the quests I can – thank you again EQ2i 🙂

I DEFINITELY find it much less frustrating to quest with Kayyla solo compared to questing with Kil solo. I wonder whether that might simply be due to the fact that I am a more experienced EQ player, and so I have a better idea of what is important to keep her as effective as possible.  We will see if my views change some more as she gets to higher levels.

Regardless, this has been a very interesting exercise. Although the classes are very similar, there are some quite significant differences. Both classes are great fun to play – I guess I just love those healer classes 🙂