Although initially many people think otherwise, typically I am a fiercly private person except with my most trusted friends.  I have been tossing up all week whether or not to write what follows, but today I have chosen to make a deeply personal and perhaps self indulgent posting.   

So far my blog has been all about my fun and excitement and enjoyment in virtual worlds, and it almost seems wrong to put some deep real life emotion next to that.  I also don’t think that people necesarily want to read someone elses personal emotional ramblings.  However, this is my own blog and I felt that it would not be right to let this occasion go without mention.

This past week or 2 has been a somewhat harrowing and emotional time.  Sadly, my Father in Law passed away early last week  He had been sick for a while, so it was not entirely unexpected.  However, that has not lessened the sadness for the family.  He leaves behind 2 wonderful sons and 2 lovely daughters that I am proud to call family.

As family and friends gathered on Saturday to celebrate his life, I was filled with fear and dread.  I have never been to a funeral before, and I was so unsure of how to support my husband and his siblings.  Now as I write this I would like to think that simply being there, to listen when they wanted to talk, crying tears of sadness together,  and laughing together at happy memories was important.  That was the only support I knew how to give and I hope it was helpful.

The happy memories will always be with us, and I am certain that the sadness will fade with time.  I feel that his passing does not correct past wrongs but it puts their importance into sharp perspective, and will help to heal any hurts that remain.

He had a passion for the arts (particularly drama), encouraged those around him to challenge themselves toward excellence, asked questions which made you think critically, and had a love for community.   He was a very gifted teacher who touched the life of many students in a small community – a legacy which his whole family can be proud of.

So today I raise a virtual glass to toast the life of a gifted and yet complicated man, and to wish him a fond farewell.