Last nights schedule involved the slayage of Lord Vyemm and his various companions from throughout the Labs.   Well that was the plan anyhow.

 We only had one full group and 2 groups of 5 with 3 members 2 boxing – and it was soooooo darn messy.  Kil ended up naked 😦  along with the rest of the raid party.  We didn’t even finish the zone.  While that was a wee bit frustrating, I still really didn’t mind too much.  It was fun to just be hanging out with the guild and killing stuff. 

All of the healers were working flat out but for some reason we just could not keep up with the damage that the mobs were doing.  It didn’t feel like we were doing anything different to be getting our butts whipped like we did *shrug* .

Kil did roll for and win a new sceptre.  It is exactly the same rating and damage as her current hammer, only has different stats.  On the positive it has a chance to proc and increase casting speed by 16% which of course is very nice for a slow caster like Kil 🙂   Not bad when combined with the blessings aa to give it a higher chance to proc.

I will be interested to see how the heal parses worked out last night, I felt like I was healing well. I was looking after the mellee dps boys again last night and enjoy that challenge.  I think they are important boys to look after well.  I still remember one of the first things Stargrace told me about raid healing – lack of dps will kill a raid just as well as a dead MT.  

I am almost always grouped up with the raid MT outside of raids, so it still feels wierd to me when the dps boys are getting beat up a bit and I am focussing on them and not watching MT health as closely 🙂

At one point last night I noticed that we had 4 Templars online in the guild and 3 groups.  This combined with some grouchy raid chat  got me starting to think that Kil might not be needed for raids if we had too many Templars.    I had a quick word with the guild leader after raid and no longer have that concern thank goodness.

My concerns were further reduced as I was getting ready to log off.  Raid leader sent me a /tell to say that he thought Kil will be ready to go in the MT group soon *blush*.  I guess that means she must be adjusting OK to raid healing after a long solo career 🙂

Silly I know – but I am the kind of person who does not do anything half hearted – and that includes my EQ.  I dont want or need to be recognised or have people blow smoke up my ass.  But I figure if I play my part well then we all have fun.

In other game news I was wired after raid and so I started to prepare my tradeskill girls for the next live update getting them some of their very own sales displays.   I re-looked at Kil’s Templar aa tree and thought I might try going down the smite wrath path rather than cures/sanctuary.  Sanctuary is an awesome spell but it’s recast means it is only useful once per combat even if you put 5 aa into it.

I am almost ready to do my MoA trials and am not sure how hard it will be to complete the Solo trial as a Templar without the extra smiting damage.  Giving up 10 seconds duration on sanctuary and the reactive cures is the trade off so I am still to decide.

Anyhow, enough rambling for today – Happy hunting everyone.