After a few not so successful adventures lately, last night was a happy night.  The guild was rostered for slayage in Ascent of the Awakened x 2 to help a few folks that are working on Deathtoll access.

We tried it last week but had no end of bother with the fire dragon up top.  We tried for a few strategies but seemed to end up being over run by the little lifefire adds that were spawned if anyone was in range of the dragons AoE.  Never let it be said that we are not persistent.  We were determined to conquer him 🙂

So last night we assembled our 12 players and in we went.  There were a few times when we had a little trouble and a couple of the dps fellows got beat up on, but all in all there was little of consequence to speak of through the zone. 

Soon enough we were face to face with the fire dragon (Ashari I think his name is?).  We had everyone at range, but no-one was really sure what the range of his AoE was.

First attempt was not pretty and we wiped 😦    On that first attempt though, we noticed that if the healers were at range, that the AoE only spawned the 2 adds for MT.   Provided everyone stayed behind us we should be OK.  So we all got buffed up and into position for attempt 2.  Healers bunched together at max heal range, all dps behind us.

Main tank pulled the dragon, main assist taunted the spawns behind the healers and out of AoE range.  Mellee dps killed the little lifefires while ranged dps and MT wore the dragon down.  Rinse and repeat each time the adds spawned – and in a few minutes hey presto we were dancing on the smooshed body of said Fire Dragon. 

I almost severely embarrased myself when I summoned my hammer to send it in to help kill the dragon, but dismissed it as soon as I got over my 2 second brain freeze that hammer = pet = DO NOT USE FOR THIS COMBAT lol.

There is nothing like the feeling of defeating an enemy that has killed you a couple of times is there hehe.

As always happy hunting everyone 🙂