This week marks 3 months since Kilanna made the very brave move to change guilds.  In that time I have certainly made new friends and had an absolute hoot of a time.  Kil has reached level cap, started raiding, settled in as part of her new guild family, gotten experience with grouping, and in general it has just been a huge buzz.

As you can perhaps guess from the title of my blog today, last night was a change in pace for me in game.  A few new people have joined the guild, and they are keen to join us in raids.  2 of these new folk are healers, which is always a good thing 🙂  Guild leader asked my usual grouping companions if they would mind grouping up with the new folks to help them get some levels.  This also has the added bonus of really helping to make the new folk feel welcome to the guild.

Because they already had 2 healers, Kil was not going to be too much help, so this was the first night in more than 2 months that I actually did some solo questing.  All I will say to that is woah.

Now obviously since the last time Kil solo quested she has had an absolutely amazing boost to her gear, and all of her spells are now at Adept III or better.  While she is certainly quite slow at killing mobs, naturally for a healer, I found solo questing much less frustrating than I remembered.  This shows me how dependant we are on having good gear and having our spells as high as we can get.

I chose to do some quests in Bonemire.  I completed a pretty easy quest for killing ravasect which gave a decent ranged item as reward, as well as doing some updates for Grizzfazzle and the Gnome tinkerer bag quest.  Some friends from guild are planning on a trip to the Den of the Devourer some time real soon so it made sense to progress the Grizzfazzle quest to the point where I needed the devourer for the update. I also got an easy few updates for my creature catalguing quests which was also neat.  I did go and heal for a short while to help the raid main assist tank, but all in all I had fun running around by myself.

After my usual enjoyable chatter with Stargrace, and some other nice things that happened through the evening last night, I once again got to thinking about my online friendships.  For me personally, the social side of MMO’s is a big plus.  While I would never ignore a real life responsibility or friendship because of a game, I believe that my online friendships are just as valid and valuable as some of my real world friendships. 

This may be quite specific to perpetual MMO worlds I guess.  Generally, you will have the same people logging on to the same virtual world.  Add guilds into the mix, and then you have the chance that you will be in regular contact with the same people.  You will get to know a few of these people, and you will develop friendships with a precious few.  Just human nature I guess.  We share time and experiences with these friends, and to me that is no less real than many friendships we have offline.  Hopefully that doesn’t make me look like I am all stalker like and someone with no social skills who only has friends online – it was just something I was thinking about.

Anyway, the weekend approaches and that hopefully brings with it some fun and games this weekend.

Happy gaming everyone 🙂